Fortnite players can’t believe the Item Shop is selling this item

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Fortnite players have sometimes accused the developers of being lazy. Epic Games has curated a game for about eight years, adding items all the time and making changes. These changes don’t always land, and Epic has not always put a ton of effort into things. The most recent Item Shop rotation introduced an item that, quite frankly, Fortnite players just can’t believe is something you can buy.

Fortnite players frustrated with LEGO building bundle

The Item Shop usually houses skins, emotes, back blings, gliders, and pickaxes. With the onset of Fortnite Festival mode, they’ve gone ahead and added cosmetics for bands, too. Fortnite LEGO mode debuted at the same time, and Epic just added a bundle that’s only usable in that mode.

However, it’s not a fun minifig or anything like that. It’s a building bundle, so certain items in Fortnite LEGO can’t be built unless they’re bought from the Item Shop beforehand. It was such a surprising thing for the community to see. As a result, it has not one, but two viral posts discussing it on the subreddit.

Image via u/Skylanderformer

In both posts, the community is complaining about this. u/D_DanD_D says, “Is that real? If yes, then… I have no words.” u/survivingbroken adds that it’s emblematic of the whole mode, “I just don’t know who is going to buy this. There isn’t anything to do in Lego. It feels like such an incomplete game. And then they want you to buy stuff to what? Just look at it on the map?”

u/HippieDogSmokes says, “I hope these items flop because they suck. Limiting creativity like this is lame. Paying 20 dollars for creative prefabs, and they don’t even let you build the Durr Burger.” u/CoolCatKRW called for a boycott of the mode so Epic stops adding things like this to the Shop.

u/SharkBite9001 says they don’t believe any of the new cosmetics are doing well, “Oh yeah, they’re DEFINITELY failing. I have yet to see anyone actually purchase one of the instruments. And whenever I go to rocket racing, I rarely see any of the paid cars.”

Another user, u/MayonaisePumpkin, says, “I like how they’re charging 2.5k vbees for virtual legos for a game mode that still has yet to have a core gameplay loop nor an actual endgame.” Several Fortnite players said that this makes them less interested in the game mode and that the developers must rethink their recent decisions.

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