Fortnite players are receiving this rare skin, but no one knows why

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Owning a rare Fortnite skin is a dream come true for every player. Epic Games has released nearly 2,000 skins so far, yet some of them are extremely rare, which makes them more valuable. One of these skins is Psycho Bandit, one of the rarest cosmetic items ever released in Fortnite.

Surprisingly, some Fortnite players received this rare skin over the past few days. To make this situation even more unusual, no one knows why this is happening. If you haven’t played Fortnite in a while, you should get into the game and see if you’ve received the skin.

Epic Games collaborated with Borderlands 3 during Season X. The collaboration resulted in a couple of cosmetic items, including Psycho Bandit, and map changes. However, the skin hasn’t returned in a long time, and many Fortnite players would to get it. For some players, this wish came true.

Reddit user Egarrywar recently made a post about receiving the rare Fortnite skin out of nowhere. The player claims they bought Borderlands 3 in September 2020 but did not receive Psycho Bandit as a reward. For some reason, Epic sent them a reward more than three years after the purchase.

Interestingly, Egarrywar was not the only Fortnite player to receive the exclusive skin. A couple of other users claimed that the same happened to them. This could mean that the reward was bugged for a couple of years, although no one knows for sure what is going on.

Psycho Bandit was a bonus reward for those who purchased Borderlands 3. However, the promotion ended in 2021. The rare Fortnite skin also came to the Item Shop in Season X, but it hasn’t been seen since May 31, 2020. It’s one of the rarest Item Shop skins, and it was last available around the same time Rue and Travis Scott were also in the shop.