Fortnite players are getting massive amounts of XP out of nowhere

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Recently, you or someone you know might have gained a massive amount of XP in Fortnite out of nowhere! We’ve spotted some huge XP rewards handed out to players, helping them shoot up multiple levels.

With Chapter 5 Season 2 newly underway, a boost like this will help you level up quickly to earn new Battle Pass rewards. That means you can slip into a new skin, such as Zeus, Hades, or Cerberus, and take on the Olympian bosses as one of their own.

Many are wondering where this XP has come from and if they will also gain it in Fortnite. Well, we’re here to explain all!

Fortnite massive XP boost

Some players have been granted a massive XP boost in Fortnite over the past few days. Seemingly out of nowhere and for no apparent reason, people aren’t complaining about it, but are wondering why it has been issued.

With XP in the hundreds of thousands for some, that goes a long way to level up and earn rewards. But where has it come from?

It appears that those who have been getting stuck into the LEGO Fortnite mode are the recipients of the XP. There has recently been a glitch where XP was not being earned in the mode.

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Epic Games announced that they were investigating the problem via the LEGO Fortnite Status account on X (formerly Twitter), with it now fixed! The XP being given to players is from their time playing the mode during the glitch.

Players can earn around 30,000 XP for every 15 minutes of playtime in LEGO Fortnite, although that is capped at three and a half hours a day. More XP can be earned for completing quests in the mode.

So, if you’ve stayed dedicated to the LEGO Fortnite game mode, you should have gained the XP. There may be a slight delay in getting it out to all accounts, however, it will be issued.

You can learn how to level up fast to earn those Battle Pass rewards as soon as possible. There is also the Fortnite AFK XP glitch to help you gain free XP!