Fortnite player finds genius trick to cheat the game

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The Fortnite community is always looking for loopholes to get quests done quickly, with one player sharing a genius trick to cheat the game. What’s more, it coincides with a quest that has reappeared in the game once again.

Expansions keep coming in Fortnite. Chapter 5 Season 2 introduced the new Olympian boss gods with their updated medallions. Now, an iceberg has ushered in the arrival of the Avatar event in-game, with Korra added to the Battle Pass.

To gain the Korra skin and additional accessories, you will need to complete a series of objectives. For one of those objectives, you will definitely want to learn this genius trick in Fortnite!

Hire and Fire

Quests can often be easy enough to complete in Fortnite. Yet, they can also be lengthy due to the number of times the challenge needs to be completed. One staple quest is to hire characters or revive teammates 20 times, which you will need to do to unlock Korra’s Air Glider in the latest Battle Pass. If you’re playing solo, then gaining a merry band of NPC allies is the only way to do so.

However, with NPC characters often rushed to at the start of each match, you can’t always guarantee a hire every game. Thankfully, u/South_Scar8093 posted a clip with this genius trick to speed through the quest in just one match! Check out the full video here.

Hire and fire NPC characters in Fortnite – Image via

“So uh I found a way to cheat the hire characters or revive squadmates 20 times. Basically[,] you hire 1 [NPC] and you take them to another [NPC] and you don’t have to pay the [NPC] you brought there again.”

As pointed out by u/Honeydewmelo, “You can do this with one NPC too if you just dismiss them and re-hire them.” Re-hiring an NPC you have already paid for will also be free to do, so don’t worry about losing out on gold bars!

Many in the comments were surprised to find out you could actually give orders to NPCs. To do so, simply press left on the D-Pad of a controller or hold the middle mouse button. This will bring up a selection of options for how you want the NPC to behave, including dismissing them. Once dismissed, the NPC will start walking back to their original spawn location. Make sure you re-hire them before they walk into danger!

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