Fortnite player claims wings have huge problem in Chapter 5 Season 2

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Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is here, and along with it comes a huge update themed around Greek mythology and plenty of new items to try out. One of those items is the Wings of Icarus, a mythic item that lets you fly around. Sounds great, right? Well one player has discovered that they might just be a death sentence if you use them.

In a post on Reddit from u/imalonexc, they show a short clip of themselves taking on a player using the wings to fly above them. The flying player isn’t too far above them, so they just start hip-firing, and with aim assist on they manage to take down the flying player in a matter of seconds.

If it really is that simple to take down any flying players, then it looks like the wings don’t have much use at all outside of simply getting around more easily. That would be a shame, as flying above your opponents and taking them down from above sounds incredible. Luckily, some players are doubtful about OP’s claims.

‘I am a console (PS5) player. I haven’t shot at too many winged opponents but when I have this was NOT the result’ claimed u/November_Four. Meanwhile, u/chief-chirpa587 agreed, stating ‘I don’t understand how this is just aim assist, I’m a controller player and I have never had aim assist like that’.

So are the wings that easy to hit with aim assist, or were OP’s claims simply an exaggeration? Well, some replies seem to hint towards OP not only lying about the aim assist, but accusing them of hacking, too.

‘He definitely has some sort of aim bot. Aim assist simply slows the sensitivity when you aim at an opponent’, replied u/EvilTortoise396, with u/siccoblue jokingly claiming that aim assist was just ‘OP preemptively coming up with an excuse for the ban’.

So, for the moment, it looks like the wings might not be that easy to take down after all. That being said, we’re definitely going to try it out for ourselves to see if hip-firing with aim assist is really all it takes. Make sure to check out our aim assist guide so you can try it out too, and be sure to check out this season’s Battle Pass if you haven’t yet.