Fortnite player blames aim assist for missing their shots, controversy ensues

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Fortnite players often have plenty to argue about when it comes to the battle royale shooter, and a frequent topic in the community is that of aim assist. While some people feel it’s a necessary evil, there’s others who think it gives players an unfair advantage. Others still argue whether it’s too strong, or not strong enough – it’s a constant source of debate, which has once more reared its head in a new thread from the a member of the Fortnite community.

Over on the Fortnite subreddit, a user by the name of Chris908 shared a video of their gameplay with the following description “I play on PS5. With a PS5 controller. Aim assist so OP I missed every single one of my AR short. If it’s a skill issue then aim assist isn’t OP, you are just complaining about good players.” The footage itself indeed shows the player hitting their first shot, but then missing as their opponent strafes from side to side and avoiding their fire.

There are plenty on the side of the OP, claiming that any perceived aim assist on console is close to non-existent. “Bro I don’t feel like mine is on either on Series X,” confesses EntaroAdune. “I’ve gotten so good at just learning to aim that when I play a different shooter with strong aim assist (like apex legends) it almost messes me up and I tend to over-correct.” There’s also a few people who say this proves that what aim assist must be there isn’t as strong as some users think. “Aim assist isn’t really that strong anymore especially on console,” claims YungArmour. “Sure it’s there slightly but no where near where it used to be when people were just spamming left trigger and it kept locking on. That doesn’t happen at all anymore. Also someone correct me if I’m wrong but there’s way more people in the top 100 on mnk than controller. I’m pretty sure it’s a big difference too.”

However, a number of users think the clip doesn’t show what the OP thinks, and that aim-assist shouldn’t be assumed to be as strong as they make it out. “I believe it’s called aim assist, not “hold the trigger and I’ll aim for you” You still have to put effort into aiming, it just assists you,” claims Public-Sink6672. “You can’t be aiming on the opposite side of a wall and expect it to rip the cross hair over to the side the enemy is on.” Davygravy123 meanwhile says simply “I’ve never seen someone try so hard to convince people they’re bad at a game.”

Some helpful members of the community have tried to offer advice to the OP – such as George3452. “Adjust the toggle deadzones in ur settings,” they suggest. “It helps you not to overcorrect small movements like that”. When asked what theirs are set to, they responded “Mine are 30% left and right, i could probably play with them more but I’m used to it and don’t really feel like messing around with my settings. I play controller on pc, but I’m pretty sure the default deadzone settings on console are pretty low? Not totally sure though.”

It’s a debate that is sure to continue to rage on – we’ll see if Epic make further adjustments to the game’s controls in future updates. In the meantime, check out our picks for the best controller for Fortnite in 2024. Otherwise, take a look at how to turn on Aim Assist in Fortnite Chapter 5.