Fortnite OG not being a permanent fixture makes no sense, here’s why

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Despite the fact Fortnite OG has been absent for some months now, many players of the battle royale are confused as to why Epic are saving the mode for special occasions.

While calls for the mode’s return have been pretty high ever since the mode debuted, a new thread from the community is questioning Epic’s decision not to make the mode a forever fixture, with a screenshot of the game’s current player counts of the permanent new modes introduced at the beginning of Chapter 5.

In the thread MrSponge_ illustrates that while Battle Royale has a healthy 303.6K players, its next nearest most popular of the new modes is Lego Fortnite, which sits at less than 10% – with 28.1K players. It’s even worse for Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing, which sit at just 5.1K and 7.8K respectively just two months on.

There’s plenty of reasons to explain the low numbers of course – with many mentioning how the Guitar Hero genre is relatively niche and others pointing out the screenshot was taken on a Wednesday morning, and not at a more peak time.

However, given Fortnite OG consistently helped to break many records for Fortnite – bringing many lapsed fans back to the game, fans still can’t help but wonder why OG couldn’t be a option all year around, rather than for special occasions.

Epic hasn’t given a specific reason why Fortnite OG isn’t popular themselves, so for now fans are left guessing whether it’s an issue of player numbers, or just wanting to make the mode feel like a special event.

However, we did get confirmation a couple of months back that Fortnite OG would be returning in 2024. At the current time, we don’t know quite when that’ll be – but you can be sure plenty will be keeping their eyes open for when it does.

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