Fortnite now rewards you with secret achievements for winning games

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If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge in Fortnite, then completing these secret achievements could be for you! Despite not showing up as regular challenges, special accolades are hidden in-game achievements that grant lots of XP upon completion in Battle Royale.

Trying to complete the latest Battle Pass as quickly as possible in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2? This is a fun way to do it! Check out the secret achievements in Fortnite below, then put yourself to the test to earn loads of XP.

Fortnite Secret Achievements

You will often complete accolades in Fortnite without even thinking about them. These grant you XP for completing challenges such as being the first to land or defeating a boss in Battle Royale. You will know you have completed one because it will pop up towards the top of your screen with the challenge name, what you did to achieve it, and how much XP it grants. Accolades aren’t just one-and-done achievements either, they can be repeated with each new match!

Although many will be earned just by regularly playing the game, you will need to work hard to complete some of these special secret achievements in Fortnite which have been discovered by data miners. Leaker @iFireMonkey revealed a list of Victory Royale accolades that grant loads of XP when you win under certain conditions.

A tweet from @iFireMonkey detailing special accolades in Fortnite – Image from

The Victory Royale accolades list is as follows:

  • Against The World: Win a Squads match as a Solo
  • Three To One Odds: Win a Trios match as a Solo
  • Two To One Odds: Win a Duos match as a Solo
  • Pacifist: Win a match without eliminating an opponent
  • True Pacifist: Win a match without damaging an opponent
  • This One’s For You: Win a match after thanking the Bus Driver
  • I’m Fine, Really: Win a match without restoring health
  • Who Needs ‘Em?: Win a match without gaining shields
  • There’s No Time: Win a match without reloading
  • This Isn’t Zero Build?: Win a match in Build Mode without Building
  • One Man’s Trash: Only deal damage with Common Weapons and Win
  • One Man’s Treasure: Only deal damage with Legendary Weapons or better and Win
  • Knife to a Gun Fight: Win a match only dealing damage with melee weapons

It will definitely be a challenge to complete these, but if you do, plenty of XP awaits! They are also a nice test that can add a bit more variety to your gameplay.

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