Fortnite fans think Epic has missed an opportunity with this skin

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As the battle royale shooter’s Chapter 5 Season 1 reaches its halfway point, players have been enjoying many of the features of the latest battle pass, including the Family Guy Peter Griffin skin. However, a number of players think there’s been a missed opportunity – and are letting Epic know about it in the Fortnite Subreddit.

As a user by the name of JenKitten165 points out, they feel the ‘fancy’ variant of the Peter Griffin skin is missing a trick, saying it “should be gold like in the (programme’s) intro, it’s the same suit but black – really Epic?” – their thread has generated an enthusiastic response from the community – such as TigerKirby215 who adds “I was so deeply confused to learn that there’s a gold (plated robot) tuxedo, a fancy tuxedo with a top hat, and a fancy tuxedo with no top hat, but no option for the golden tuxedo with a top hat like the intro?”

Some users are also contributing their own Family Guy references they think the battle pass has missed so far. “I would love one of him with the big green cowboy hat” laments TheMattvantage. “The real missed opportunity is they didn’t add a chicken man skin and a special emote between him and Peter,” says charlesleecartman. “We need this.”

There’s also a number of calls for other characters from the comedy cartoon series to be added to the game’s pantheon of guest stars, specifically baby Stewie and Brian the dog. “I’m more disappointed there’s no Stewie anything,” says Sophisticated_Pie. Meanwhile, NoNefariousness2144 has a great idea to include them both “Brian and Stewie as a hybrid character; the legs and lower torso of the skin are Brian, then Stewie stands on top of him and acts as the arms and head.”

Quite a few voices in the thread meanwhile say they’re disappointed that Peter got a Meowscles-assisted glow up for his Fortnite debut, requesting a more traditional version of the character. “Peter griffin being buff Peter instead of fat Peter really ruined it for me.” claims SongsForTheDeft.

Regardless, there’s sure to be plenty more collabs where that came from as Fortnite rolls on. Earlier this week, it was thought that Quagmire might be on the way to Fortnite until that was debunked. For more on the game, check out our guide on How to get deadly aim in Fortnite Chapter 5.