Fortnite fans beg Epic take swift action against ‘out of control’ cheating in Chapter 5

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While online shooters such as Fortnite no stranger to cheaters – it seems unscrupulous behaviour is becoming more frequent of late as fans are taking to the game’s official notice boards to beg Epic to take action.

A user by the name of Common-Push9755 posted on the Fortnite subreddit claiming that ‘Cheating is out of control’ this season. “I swear I died the last 10 times to headshot snipes through walls, around rocks and in vehicles with the windows not broken. Mid air doesn’t matter – everyone it seems is hacking or something is going on with the headshot sniping.” And while usually posts of this nature are often met with scepticism, it seems a lot of other users have examples of their own to share. “I’ve come across a few people doing that full underground exploit and ran into a vault someone was already in once,” says sentient-sloth.

The argument that hacking has ramped up dramatically this season seems to hold some weight, if folks like Parkesy82 are to be believed. “It’s definitely bad this season, and anyone saying they never see cheaters either don’t know what they’re looking for, or are in low sbmm where it’s not an issue. I had blatant teamers running together in the ranked cup the other day and they still aren’t banned. And so many in ranked are cheating, but it’s not obvious things like aim bots, it’s more subtle mostly wallhacks.” “Yeah it’s gotten really bad,” agrees DirtNapsRevenge. “Cheating used to be something you had to deal with occasionally but now it’s rare to play a match and not run into some using aimbots, ESP, health hacks and it’s impacting the game play.”

Not every cheater appears to be prospering though – as another thread from a user by the name of Speedyyyyy shared a clip of them in a battle with someone who’d used an exploit to make themselves invisible in a vault. Alas, despite their advantage, they still lost, and the OP was able to finish them off. Still, the number of clips and threads of people using this exploits does seem to indicate there’s an issue that needs to be fixed. We’ll have to wait and see if Epic will patch this up sooner rather than later.

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