Fortnite community divided in picking the game’s best glider

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As Fortnite has constantly evolved throughout the years, so has its selection of cosmetic offerings, which, of course, include the different glider skins you can equip. From the trusty basic Umbrella glider to the Travis Scott album-themed Astroworld Cyclone, there are plenty of options for the Epic Games’ battle royale’s constantly growing player base. But with plenty of skins to choose from, it was only a matter of time until the community banded together to select the best out of them all.

Now, you’ll have to remember that the battle royale glider is completely different from that in Epic Games’ block-themed, open-world game mode because you’ll need to learn how to make Glider for fast travel in LEGO Fortnite. Luckily, long-time players won’t have to go through the same trouble, which is why several fans have already gone on Reddit to share what they think is the best Glider in the battle royale.

Unfortunately, unlike its unanimous pick for Fortnite’s best battle pass of all time, the community was seemingly unable to reach a consensus this time due to the sheer amount of cosmetics one could choose from. However, based on the large number of upvotes some skins received under a Fortnite subreddit post, a select few currently stand out among the rest.

Some of the most popular selections include the regal Commander’s Descent glider from Chapter 4 Season 1, the Coral Glider from Season 7, the recently added Petercopter from Chapter 5 Season 1, the menacing Shenron glider from Chapter 3 Season 3, and the vicious Kurama glider from Chapter 2 Season 8. Though most of these are already out of the game, some skins, like Shenron and Kurama, occasionally appear in the item shop, but you’ll need to keep a close eye since the store updates daily.

That said, you will need to spend a certain amount of in-game currency to get them, so we recommend learning how to redeem codes and V-Bucks gift cards in Fortnite. Alternatively, you can check out our guides on how to slide in Fortnite and how to get better at Fortnite for more help on the game.