Fortnite community await answers as Epic remains silent on leaked upcoming skin

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While Fortnite usually brings the new skins and collaborations thick and fast to the battle royale shooter, a number of fans are questioning the status of a particular skin said to be coming this season, but there’s been no update from Epic for some time.

In a thread entitled ‘It’s been a month Epic, where is she?’ by the user MeowsclesOnlyfans, many members of the Fortnite subreddit are wondering when exactly they’ll get to see the Winter themed Evie variant skin. The skin itself hasn’t yet been officially announced by the developer, but was previously one of the many skins that Fortnite leakers uncovered last year, so many assumed it’d be coming as part of the annual Winterfest celebrations or in the daily holiday freebies. However, it appeared in neither of these, and now the community are wondering where it could be.

“Exactly where is this skin? I want to buy it – I have so much vBucks for literally no reason and I have nothing to spend it on,” claims Shy_Souly, with Connect-Hyena1210 adding “I can’t wait ima buy that shit immediately, looks so clean bro.” “Where is anything good – especially for girls?” says GoatNo6959. “Most girls don’t like to wear male skins. Please some creative, fun and unique characters and/or cool girls! Like this one!”

However, there are a number of people who are pointing out that, as this skin has so far only been seen in leaks, that Epic don’t owe them any information on when it’ll come. “Unless Epic said they were releasing her and also a timeline stop complaining,” says Old_Happy_Memories, though Niboratorr answers back with a decent point “Obviously we’re not owed them. But if we get s*** shops for more than 30 days in a row and we see great skins in the game files that aren’t released, of course we are gonna be mad.”

There are those, however, who point out that fans have been waiting for other leaked and alledged collaborations even longer – with a rumoured Doctor Who collaboration that has been bandied around for some time, and many thought would be released back in November to tie in to the programme’s 60th anniversary celebrations. They came and went without Fortnite, Epic or indeed the BBC/Disney giving any confirmation of said collaboration, leaving many to question whether the leak was true at all. “Really hoping it’s in the next month, been saving my VBucks to buy the whole set” says DrStrain420.

We’ll have to wait and see if this skin ever does come to fruition in the coming months. For now, if you’re curious if The Witcher skin will return, check out Is Fortnite Geralt of Rivia coming back? Exploring demand for popular collaboration. Meanwhile, Fortnite fans think Epic has missed an opportunity with this skin.