September 24, 2023

Finding the best XP maps in Fortnite can be quite tricky. These maps constantly change are are often patched within 24 to 48 hours. This comes as no surprise considering that many players choose them to level up instead of playing other game modes.

In the past, it was possible to get XP from Creative maps made with the classic editor. However, Epic Games now allows players to gain XP from UEFN maps as well, which is very useful. Not only are UEFN maps better, but many of them are more effective for earning XP.

This article will list some of the best Fortnite XP maps you can use in Season 4.

Best XP maps in Fortnite Creative mode

Fortnite XP maps keep changing, which is why many of them are not viable for a long time. While using these maps in the video game is not a bannable offense, Epic Games frowns upon them, which is why many of them are patched shortly after they become popular.

As of September 8, you can use these map codes to earn Creative XP in Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 4:

  • 6252-3501-6434
  • 8122-8686-0890v6
  • 4817-9215-9593
Image by VideoGamer via Epic Games

All of these maps require you to perfect a couple of actions to gain XP. For example, the first map requires you to emote next to the RED button and interact with the secret button. After waiting on a 10-minute countdown, you need to enter 4248 as a code and interact with another secret button.

Once you do this, you can simply sit back and enjoy all the Battle Pass levels you receive from the map. However, keep in mind that Epic may patch these maps soon. Fortnite creators keep updating these maps, but considering they provide XP glitches, Epic is very effective at taking them down.

We will do our best to keep this article updated and always provide you with the best Fortnite XP maps.

Earn XP in Fortnite with UEFN maps

While classic Fortnite Creative maps get patched quite often, this is not the case with UEFN maps. While UEFN maps don’t give out as much XP as classic ones, they generally last for longer periods, with some of them being active for a couple of months.

UEFN maps are certainly among the best maps due to their long-lasting nature. However, it’s important to note that you will not see XP gains on your screen while you’re playing. Instead, you will receive it after you leave the game after at least 60 minutes.

Hundreds of UEFN maps are currently eligible for XP, and here are some island codes:

  • 2556-5992-3627
  • 6755-4954-0306
  • 5366-1076-5328
  • 4294-2523-7409

To earn XP from these Fortnite maps, you simply need to spend time on them. Most maps reward you for playtime, but you’ll also get bonus XP for getting eliminations and performing a few other in-game actions.

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