Fortnite backlash caused by unwanted transactions leaves community seeking answers

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Mild backlash from one troubled Fortnite player has suddenly hit social media after a fan was seemingly hit with an unwanted battle royale-related credit card transaction. Now, sudden monetary charges are often a nightmare to dispute and deal with, no matter how little the amount. For this reason, the anxious user decided to seek answers and, of course, reassurance from fellow community members via the Fortnite subreddit.

With the Epic Games shoot ’em up constantly tempting players to shell out money for the chance to purchase the rarest Fortnite skins of all time, it’s no surprise that some are wary of getting cheated out of their hard-earned cash. These worries were only worsened after the concerned user in question shared an image through a Fortnite subreddit post, wherein the battle royale charged their card with an unwanted 0.20 cent transactions.

According to the post creator, these charges occurred after they attempted to use a gift card to purchase an item in Fortnite. Then, they decided to cancel their transaction at the last minute, presumably saving it for an entirely different purpose. Unfortunately, they could no longer use the card’s full amount due to the $0.20 deduction it received, hence the Reddit thread asking for advice.

Though the affected party’s initial wait for an answer may have been excruciatingly long, their fears were immediately assuaged after a few helpful users revealed the reason for the meager yet surprising credit card charge. One commenter said: “It’s a test charge to make sure the card is legit. Probably used a prepaid visa or something. The charge will be removed in a few days. This is common.” Other users responded similarly, with some even poking fun at the post creator for not being aware of temp charges.

It’s currently unclear whether these unwanted Fortnite card transactions were dropped, as the concerned party has yet to respond to the helpful comments left by their fellow players. While you wait for an answer, take a look at our guides on Fortnite medallions, LEGO Fortnite village upgrade requirements, and how to get Gold and Fancy Peter Griffin in Fortnite to pass the time.