Fontaine frolics in a festival with the latest version of Genshin Impact

Fontaine has finally overcome a fairly turbulent time and it’s time to get back to the important things in Genshin Impact. Version 4.3, Roses and Muskets, will kick off December 20th and bring Travelers to one of the nation’s most important events; the Fontinalia Festival.

This year will include a unique film festival, honouring the legendary Lochknights who introduced the previous Hydro Archon, Egeria, the Fontaine. A team consisting of the Traveler, renowned Chioriya Boutique fashion designer Chiori, the Kasmisato siblings, and, of course, Paimon will come together to work on a special film.

Players will also get to turn their hand to filmmaking, thanks to a host of mini-games. Into the Frame will give the chance to design a short film with a variety of camera angles and narrations. By earning Theater Tickets through this, as well as a marksmanship-themed game, there are a host of items to trade for, including the 4-star claymore Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword.

This will go well with the first of our event recruits; Spina di Rosula president Navia, a 5-star Geo claymore wielder. With her lethal gunbrella, so can decimate enemies by firing Rosula Sharshots using Crystal Shrapnel. The second recruit, Chevreuse, is also a firearm wielder. This 4-star Pyro polearm practitioner can deal AoE damage with her musket, or heal the team’s active character with her Elemental Skill. Navia will debut in the first half of the event, with Chevreuse following in the second half.

In other news, Genius Invokation TCG will receive a bumper update, with more cards, NPCs, and a limited-time Heated Battle Mode. The Serenitea Pot will get a new Fontaine-style realm for water buffs, and Itto’s Beetle Battle and Liben’s daily requests will also return with some new feature features and rewards.

Traversing Teyvat will become a bit easier, with the one-click function coming news, with Travelers being able to collect rewards from expeditions as well as repeat them, and collect processed ingredients and forged items. Artifacts can be locked or unlocked in batches, and get recommendations for characters’ Artifact Sets via Artifact Set Recommendations.

Genshin Impact is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.