Follow-up to Heroes of Incredible Tales, HIT 2 to make the jump from China to Japan as HIT: The World

  • HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales) 2 has been one of Nexon’s most succesful mobile MMORPGs
  • Now it’s making the jump to the Japanese market as HIT: The World
  • The game is set to launch on April 17th in Japan

Nexon’s hit MMORPG HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales 2) will be making the jump from South Korea to Japan as it is launched under the new name HIT: The World. The sequel to the original Heroes of Incredible Tales, the HIT franchise has accrued over 25 million downloads globally. HIT: The World is set to arrive in Japan on April 17th.

The original Heroes of Incredible Tales was originally built on Unreal Engine 4 and boasted amazing graphics for a mobile game at the time. And for whatever else you can say about HIT: The World it would appear that the graphical fidelity is something that hasn’t changed as can be seen in some of the released teaser trailers. If it can keep these graphics up in real-time gameplay, HIT: The World certainly has an edge over more stylised titles currently available in the MMORPG niche.

Not as incredible

While the original Heroes of Incredible Tales was warmly received, it didn’t stop it from being unceremoniously shuttered back in 2019. Since then, it seems that the Heroes of Incredible Tales franchise has been strictly consigned to the South Korean market, an incredibly competitive – and saturated – one when it comes to MMORPGs. So it’s no surprise then that Nexon has decided that they want to branch out and bring the Hit 2 to more countries.

But even so, we may be waiting a while to see if HIT 2 or HIT: The World makes its way to the West. Especially given that it took two years for Nexon to bring it to Japan.

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