Flying Bugs are taking over Helldivers 2

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The recent Helldivers 2 update 1.000.102 may have nerfed the Chargers, but it brought a new threat to Super-Earth, the Shriekers. Following the introduction of the Terminid Control System Major Orders community event, players soon spotted bugs flying above them and it came as a surprise to many.

The Shriekers are one of the first major introductions to Helldivers 2 since its launch last month and indicate that Arrowhead Game Studios are set to make the game’s world constantly evolve with a fresh take on live service gaming, similar to how Fortnite’s map changes in real-time. The addition of the Shriekers showcases that the community events are more than simply a means to unlock rewards and medals for the Warbond Battle Pass, and instead serve as a way to build upon and continue the story of Helldivers 2. This suggests that developers are looking to grow the lore and game for many years to come.

Could flying bugs be coming to Helldivers 2?

The surprise addition of the Shriekers caught the Helldivers 2 community off guard, with a Reddit post titled “They Fly Now?” garnering 10,000 upvotes and over 1,000 comments with u/Arlcas saying “Everyone gangster until the roaches start flying.” While u/GalactiKraken noting that “Everyone complaining about the increased spawn of other types of enemies didn’t account for the possibility of something new and terrifying.”

The community reaction to the Shriekers even caught the attention of Arrowhead Game Studios’ CEO Pilestedt who took to X to amusingly “refute such preposterous claims” of the Shriekers’ existence, even going as far as to call the news “propaganda from bug sympathizers that want to brainwash good people.” It will be interesting to see what Arrowhead Game Studios has up its sleeve when it comes to future updates, as the developers are already shaking up the game despite Helldivers 2 being weeks old, indicating that the studio isn’t looking to go down the route of waiting until new seasons to make major changes and are willing to do it without prior warning to keep the community on their toes, which makes sense as fighting a threat to humanity must be an incredibly unpredictable experience.

With the Shriekers being a new menace for players to tackle, now would be a good time to check out our Helldivers 2 best weapons and best armor guides so you can equip yourself with the necessary equipment to take down these pesky flying bugs.