September 24, 2023

Fortnite Chapter 5 will be one of the most exciting chapters of the video game. The new chapter will bring a lot of new content, including a new island. According to reputable leakers, there’s a good chance that Epic Games will release it in just a couple of months.

It seems that Epic will keep releasing new chapters every year. Chapter 3 lasted for only 12 months, and Chapter 4 will likely follow suit. Due to this, it’s no surprise that a couple of changes that are coming with the next chapter have already been leaked.

This article will explain everything you need to know about them.

Hurdling is set to return in Fortnite Chapter 5

Hurdling is a new movement mechanic that was added with the release of Chapter 4. Unfortunately, the mechanic was disabled shortly after its release, and players still can’t use it. According to GMatrixGames, one of the most reputable Fortnite leakers, hurdling will return in Fortnite Chapter 5.

  • The mechanic will be adjusted for the new chapter, and here are all the changes it will go through:
  • Initial distance pushed forward increased from 100 to 140
  • Manual distance pushed forward increased from 140 to 180
  • Max floor height increased from 182 to 200
  • End distance pushed forward decreased from 200 to 155

In addition, Epic Games will nerf Tactical Sprint. The movement multiplier will be reduced from 1.4 to 1.3, which is a surprising change. However, considering that the new chapter will bring new movement mechanics and vehicles, nerfing sprinting may not be a bad idea.

Finally, the Fortnite development team will make a couple of changes to the mantling mechanic. Considering we are still at least three months away from the release of Chapter 5, it’s important to note that Epic may decide to revert some of these changes. Furthermore, we’ll likely get more leaks as we get closer to the chapter.

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