First chapter of Erabit Studios’ new visual novel series Methods: Detective Competition launches on mobile

Participate in a mysterious competition by solving crimes.

Erabit Studios has released the first chapter in its new Methods Visual Novel series, Methods: Detective Competition. In Methods: Detective Competition, 100 detectives compete in a mysterious competition in which they must solve crimes created by the world’s most intelligent criminals.

The detective who wins the competition will win a million dollars and a fantastic opportunity. However, the world’s smartest criminals are also competing, and if one wins, they’ll receive a million dollars and parole, no matter what they’re incarcerated for.

The game features stylized 3D backdrops of both real and fictional places. Additionally, the game’s many characters are eccentric and flawed, making them both likeable and relatable. The developer describes the game as casually comedic, with much of the humour coming from the characters’ wordplay in conversation.

In Methods: Detective Competition, you’ll conduct investigations by examining evidence and answering multiple choice questions to reach your solution. Sleuth your way through 25 crime scenes spanning 20 chapters. You’ll complete formulaic investigations while enjoying the game’s quirky characters and unique art style.

Methods: Detective Competition doesn’t have just one protagonist. Rather, you’ll find yourself playing as various characters throughout the game. Erabit promises that switching up the player character keeps gameplay feeling fresh. You’ll never know who you’ll be playing as next or who may be a key player down the road.

The Methods series also includes Methods: The Canada Files, a prequel to Methods: Detective Competition, which is currently in early access on Steam. A third game, Motives: The Ultimate Problem, which will be a sequel to Methods: Detective Competition, is currently in pre-production.

Methods: Detective Competition is already available on Steam, where it boasts Very Positive reviews. To stay up to date with all the latest Methods: Detective Competition news and to learn about future titles in the series, follow Methods on X (Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook.