Firewall: Zero Hour Developer First Contact Entertainment to Shutdown After Nearly 6 Years

First Contact Entertainment, the American game development studio headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is set to cease operations after nearly six years in the industry. Founded in 2016 by Hess Barber and David Kovacs, the studio specializes in creating multiplayer-centric, live-service video games tailored for virtual reality technology. Notably, First Contact Entertainment is renowned for its 2018 release Firewall: Zero Hour, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The impending closure was officially revealed through a post by Frank Marmolino, Community Manager at First Contact, on X.

Throughout its existence, First Contact Entertainment maintained a strong partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment. The collaboration began with their debut game, Firewall: Zero Hour, developed for the PlayStation VR headset. Just a year after it was announced at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event in 2017, the game was eventually released in August 2018. It received generally favorable reviews since its launch.

In September 2022, First Contact Entertainment and Sony announced a second collaboration, a sequel titled Firewall Ultra. Built for Sony’s PlayStation VR2 headset, Firewall Ultra hit the shelves in August 2023, receiving mixed reviews. Despite ongoing updates, such as the recent launch of the first seasonal operation event, “Operation Bloodline,” the studio’s closure suggests an uncertain future for the game.

This year, the gaming industry has witnessed both remarkable game releases and unfortunate closures and challenges. Studios of all sizes, including major publishers and developers, have not been spared from layoffs and shutdowns. First Contact Entertainment joins the list of studios shutting down this year, reflecting the broader challenges in the industry. In any case, it is hoped that the coming year will bring a more stable environment, with fewer closures and setbacks for game developers and publishers.

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