May 28, 2023

Exploring the galaxy, far, distant in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a tough activity. You may be despatched to probably the most wild elements of the planet, to deserted ruins, and every thing in between in your quest to flee the Empire. However, that doesn’t imply that Cal can’t cease to assist others in want every so often… Like fish tank fanatics! And a part of his quest will convey you to Pyloon’s Saloon. On this shady bar, you will discover Jedi: Survivor’s prized aquarium, which is roofed in algae. Is it attainable to scrub this fish tank? Or will or not it’s doomed to its personal age for the remainder of eternity?

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Sure, you may clear the fish tank in Jedi: Survivor, and cleansing it out is expounded to a collect-a-thon sidequest. You’ll wish to meet up with Skoova Stev close to a waterfall on Koboh. Speak to him in regards to the fish tank and he’ll comply with fill it with fish as soon as once more. Upon getting about six of the twelve fish, the aquarium might be fully cleaned of algae the subsequent time that you just load the zone.

Attending to Skoova Stev isn’t too tough. As soon as you’ll be able to entry the aquarium within the upstairs space of Pyloon’s Saloon, stroll exterior and switch proper. Head up that slope to entry Foothill Falls in Prospector’s Folly. You need to see a zipline, which you’ll take to land close to a waterfall. Mr. Stev and his boat must be parked proper subsequent to the waterworks, able to be talked to! Chat with him after your introduction and he’ll catch the primary fish that you just want.

In the event you can’t discover Skoova Stev, meaning you could have not superior far sufficient into the story. You need to begin this quest after you come back to Koboh to search for the Lucrehulk.

So long as you will have entry to the fish tank, Skoova will head again to the saloon and the sidequest can start! The See Fish that he collects from this physique of water is simply the beginning of a full-on collectable quest. Fortunately, it doesn’t go throughout the galaxy.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Scoova Stev
This little captain might be essential to your journey of constructing the aquarium nice once more!

All Fish Places in Jedi: Survivor

Aside from the introductory See Fish, you’ll need to scramble to catch 11 extra fish throughout two planets within the universe. Fortunately, the lions share of fish lie in numerous water swimming pools on Koboh. There are 10 whole fish on Koboh and a couple of on Jedah. This checklist will embrace the sub-area the place you will discover the physique of water. More often than not, it’s pretty apparent, and Stev’s massive ship might be there to assist information you.

From what we will inform, it is possible for you to to fulfill up with Stev at any of the our bodies of water at any time. So, if you wish to wait to finish this quest till you’re accomplished with accumulating supplies, you may! Stev might be there for you at any time.

Koboh Fish

  • Barbed Hookfish: Smuggler’s Tunnels
  • Large Mouth Faa: Rift Passage
  • Blinding Ray Fish: Devastated Settlement
  • Blue-Finned Crayfish: Bygone Settlement
  • Fingertip Garpon: Rambler’s Attain Outpost
  • Frilled Newt: Gorge Crash Website
  • Glottsamcrab: Viscid Lavatory
  • Mee Fish: Mountain Ascent
  • Viscid Lurker: Phon’Qi Caverns

Jedah Fish

  • Fantailed Laa: Crypt of Urhma
  • Snakefish: Arid Flats

As you gather the fish, the tank will develop into barely clearer. Upon getting a handful of the fish in Jedi: Survivor, you’ll have one completely clear aquarium to marvel!

If the glass refuses to clear, you could have to reload the realm by quick touring to a meditation level or touring forwards and backwards between planets.

Do You Need to Clear the Fish Tank in Jedi: Survivor?

What Do You Get for Discovering All Fish in Jedi: Survivor?

Sadly, discovering all twelve fish will solely get gamers an Achievement, Skoova Diving.

When Can You Entry All Twelve Fish in Jedi: Survivor?

You will have to progress within the story to get all twelve fish. This contains the power to mount, grapple, and air sprint!

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