Final Fantasy 14 x Final Fantasy 16 Crossover Quest is Planned for Early April

Square Enix’s Creative Business Unit 3 is delivering lots of new content to Final Fantasy 14 with Dawntrail this Summer. Of course, fans can partake in plenty before that, like an upcoming crossover quest with Final Fantasy 16. It’s planned to go live in early April with patch 6.5X.

The quest involves teaming with Clive Rosfield, Final Fantasy 16’s protagonist, for the “The Path Infernal” quest. It sees players battling Ifrit with rewards like a Torgal mount and the wolf’s pup form as a minion. Players can also seemingly use some of Clive’s skills, like Rising Phoenix, and don his mid-game outfit.

As for Final Fantasy 16 players, the next paid expansion for the action RPG, The Rising Tide, goes live this Spring. It focuses on the “mystery of Leviathan” and will add new Eikonic Skills. Unlike Echoes of the Fallen (check out our review), it offers ten hours of gameplay. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.