Final Fantasy 14 and FF 16 Crossover Revealed in Datamine


  • Datamined information reveals new Endwalker patch details and Final Fantasy 16 crossover event in Final Fantasy 14.
  • Final Fantasy 16 related rewards include a Torgal mount, whistle, and Metian outfit.
  • Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail expansion scheduled for Summer 2024, introducing new jobs and graphical overhaul.

The latest Final Fantasy 14 patch has brought many quality-of-life features to Endwalker content, but it also seems to have also snuck in the collaborative items from the upcoming Final Fantasy 16 crossover event. Though Endwalker has doubled the subscriber count for Final Fantasy 14, successfully closing out a decade-long story, all eyes are now fixed on Dawntrail and whether Square Enix will be able to sustain Final Fantasy 14‘s commendable popularity in the long term.

Final Fantasy 16‘s success, both in terms of critical and public reception, has brought new eyes to Square Enix’s flagship MMO, as Naoki Yoshida has been the director and producer of both titles. Given how much Final Fantasy 14 players enjoyed the collaborative event with Final Fantasy 15, it only made sense for the developers to design a version for Final Fantasy 16. Yoshida teased the potential of a crossover since March 2023, and now it is expected to hit the live servers in early April 2024.


Final Fantasy 14 Probably Won’t Add Controversial Story Feature Yet

Though Dawntrail is set to begin a new saga in Final Fantasy 14, the critically-acclaimed MMORPG probably won’t add this controversial story feature.

As usual, dataminers and Final Fantasy 14 fans managed to obtain information on the Final Fantasy 16 event rewards early, with fans such as Dividus sharing their excitement on Twitter. The rewards are ambitious in scope, and award a similar level of exclusive items to the previous Final Fantasy 15 event. The key highlight is undoubtedly a facsimile of Torgal from Final Fantasy 16, which players can use as a mount in Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 16 Crossover Event Rewards in Final Fantasy 14



Torgal Whistle


Metian Attire Coffer


Torgal Pup


While Final Fantasy 14 is slowly setting the stage for Dawntrail, it has already been a major year for the MMO. In addition to the Final Fantasy 16 crossover event, Final Fantasy 14 has launched for Xbox on March 21, 2024, opening the doors to Eorzea for a lot of new and returning players. Unfortunately, an Xbox Game Pass subscription is required to play Final Fantasy 14, but the game itself does offer a discounted subscription to players who aren’t interested in creating a lot of characters.

Patch 6.58 for Final Fantasy 14 is expected to be the last Endwalker update. Though the release date for Dawntrail remains unknown, it’s scheduled to launch in Summer 2024, with many players hoping for a window in late June. The new expansion will feature three new jobs – Pictomancer, Viper, and Beastmaster – with the latter one making its debut as a limited class during the post-launch updates. Dawntrail will also bring a graphical overhaul to the game, on top of an improved dye system. For Final Fantasy fans and MMO players who still haven’t given Final Fantasy 14 a try, 2024 is shaping up to be a good time to start their adventure in Eorzea.

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