October 3, 2023

Curious about the FF7 Ever Crisis gear system? It works a little differently when compared to other gacha RPGs, so let’s delve deeper into how it works!

FF7 Ever Crisis lets you relive iconic moments in the popular game – but on your mobile device. Delve into brand-new and classic stories as you join a young Sephiroth on his journey. Play as fan-favourite characters, uncover secrets, and take part in explosive combat whilst utilising a wide variety of weapons. With Materia, Summons, Limit Breaks, and more, you can battle against powerful bosses alone or with 3 other players in co-op!

For more information about FF7 Ever Crisis, you can visit the game’s official website. If you’re looking for more FF7 Ever Crisis content, check out our FF7 Ever Crisis weapon tier list, FF7 Ever Cris character tier list, and our FF7 Ever Crisis characters guide.

FF7 Ever Crisis Gear Guide

Now, let’s take a deep dive into the gearing system in FF7 Ever Crisis!

FF7 Ever Crisis Gear

So, how does gear work in the mobile game? It doesn’t work like the usual gearing system in gacha RPGs, however, it’s actually a little easier than others. In FF7 Ever Crisis, full outfits are used as gear to provide stats and buffs.

Some pieces of gear are more suitable to certain characters that require specific buffs, such as Lightning damage to help give their Lightning materia/abilities a boost. When you’re on the Character screen, you’ll notice that the Gear section is split into 2 tabs: Battle and Skin. Battle Gear provides you with a buff and new stats, whereas the Skin tab is where you can equip a range of cosmetics that you’ve obtained.

Basically, you can equip any “Skin” you want over your chosen Battle Gear depending on the character and the Materia they are using.

How to Obtain Gear in FF7 Ever Crisis

From the looks of it, the only way to obtain gear in the game is to pull on the gacha banners. However, some pieces of gear may be given to players when completing missions or reaching special milestones.

Additional gear will more than likely be added to the game in future updates and events.

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