Fastest Ways To Level Up In Fallout 76


  • Sleep near allies or romantic partners for 3-hour XP boost.
  • Lunchboxes stack for 100% XP boost; share with nearby players.
  • Choose XP-boosting consumables and join public teams for bonuses.

Leveling up is an important part of most video games, and Fallout 76 is no exception. There are many methods that players can use to level up in Fallout 76. That said, some methods are better than others. The first 50 levels can be achieved in just a few hours. But, with the right methods, players can level up in mere minutes.


Fallout 76: The Best XP Buffs Before America’s Playground

For players who know how to stack them all together properly, some of the XP buffs in Fallout 76 can lead to a significant increase in XP.

From events to Daily Ops, there’s a lot that players can do to gain XP. But, by selecting the right events, grinding the right side missions, and applying the right consumables, it is possible to speed up the leveling-up process.

1 Sleep

Having A Rest Means More XP Earned

Sleeping in Game

Sleeping in Fallout 76 comes with a couple of benefits, the main one being a boost to XP. The boost lasts for two real-world hours. If a player sleeps in a random bed, they will receive a 5% XP boost after around 30 seconds of sleep. If a player sleeps near an ally or romantic partner, then the time that the boost is active is increased to three real-world hours.

Players can also get a 5% XP boost for sitting around a community fire pit or in a hot tub for 30 seconds. While the boost may not seem like that much, having a 5% XP boost for relaxing or resting is a good reward.

2 Lunchboxes

Grants Additional XP For Each Lunchbox Consumed

Fallout 76 XP Buffs Lunchbox

Lunchboxes are a great way to speed up the leveling-up process. They can be obtained in several different ways.

  • Buying Them With Atoms
  • Buying Them With Gold Bullion
  • Scoreboard Rewards
  • The Occasional Atomic Shop Free Item

Each Lunchbox grants a 25% XP boost for one hour. They are stackable up to 100%. So, opening four Lunchboxes will grant the player a 100% XP boost. Opening Lunchboxes will also grant an XP boost to all nearby players. It isn’t uncommon to see players opening up Lunchboxes at various public events for all to enjoy.

3 Other Consumables

Foods And Meds That Boost Player XP

Shelves full of the various Fallout 76 bobble heads you can find

There are lots of consumables in Fallout 76 that affect the amount of XP players receive. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Leader Bobbleheads (5% For 60 Minutes)
  • Live & Love #8 (5% For 30 Minutes)
  • Canned Meat Stew (5% For 60 Minutes)
  • Cranberry Relish (10% For 60 Minutes)
  • Tasty Squirrel Stew (10% For 60 Minutes)

There are plenty of options for XP-boosting consumables depending on a player’s build. While it can be a little time-consuming collecting all the XP-boosting items, the rewards are more than worth it.

4 SPECIALS & Perks

SPECIAL Stats And Perks Can Impact XP Gain

Inspirational Perk

When it comes to SPECIAL stats, Intelligence is the one that affects the amount of XP a player receives. A point in Intelligence increases the amount of XP earned by a little over 2%. This stacks, so by having 15 in Intelligence, players will receive a good boost to XP gain that doesn’t have a timer.

As for perks, the Inspirational perk offers players a boost to XP gain. To activate this perk, the player needs to be on a public team. Inspirational has three levels to it, and it can be found in the Charisma category.

  • 1 Star = 5% XP Boost
  • 2 Stars = 10% XP Boost
  • 3 Stars = 15% XP Boost

5 Joining A Public Team

Fallout 76 XP Buffs Public Team Goals

Each public team comes with a unique boost. The most popular one is the Casual Team. A full Casual Team grants each player a +4 to Intelligence, which, as mentioned, boosts XP gained. If a player wants to play an Expedition or a Daily Operation, then there are team options that are designed for that.


Fallout 76: 10 Rarest Apparel Items And How To Get Them

From the BOS Jumpsuit to the Leather Coat, these are the rarest apparel items in Fallout 76.

For an extra boost to XP, being close to a teammate can award the player with extra XP for kills made by teammates. It is important to note that this only works while the player is close to their teammates.

6 Daily Operations

A New Mission Every Day

Fallout 76 players fighting super mutants

Daily Operations are repeatable missions players usually pass on. While it isn’t the best way to level up, during Double Mutation weekends, completing Daily Ops is actually very rewarding. Combine that with Lunchboxes and other XP buffs, and it becomes a quick way to level up.

Every 24 hours, the Daily Operation will change. Some are easier than others, but overall, Daily Ops aren’t difficult to complete with a couple of teammates. They can be done more than once in a given day. So, if the Daily Operation is easy, then it may be worth completing it two or three times with a few other players.

7 Expeditions

Lots Of XP In Less Than 15 Minutes

Fallout 76 Atlantic City Update Tax Evasion Expedition Neopolitan Casino Showmen and Billy Beltbuckles

Expeditions were added to Fallout 76 in 2022 with the introduction of The Pitt. Players could initially only lead an expedition once per day after completing a few daily quests. Thankfully, things are now much better. With the first installment of Atlantic City, players can do as many Expeditions as they like.

The best option for Expeditions is The Most Sensational Game. This Expedition can be completed in under 15 minutes. Doing it with a full team not only increases the completion speed but also doubles the amount of XP a player receives. More XP means faster level-ups.

8 Use Explosive Weapons

Tag Enemies For Bonus XP

Fallout 76 Explosives bobblehead

When completing things like Public Events, it can be hard to get shots in on enemies. This is due to the number of other players shooting and using explosives. By using explosive weapons, it is possible to tag surrounding enemies. This means that a player using an explosive weapon will be awarded XP for all enemies tagged.


Fallout 76: Best Energy Weapons, Ranked

Energy weapons are a powerful tool that players can bring into the wasteland of Fallout 76.

This also works with the Tesla Rifle. A player doesn’t need to kill an enemy to gain XP, just cause some damage. So, by hitting as many enemies as possible, more XP can be earned.

9 High XP Events

Certain Events Offer Greater XP Gain

Nuclear explosion in Fallout 76

There are lots of events in Fallout 76. Unfortunately, not all of them offer large amounts of XP. That said, there are a handful of events that players flock to due to how much XP can be earned.

  • Scorched Earth
  • Radiation Rumble
  • Guided Meditation
  • Line in The Sand
  • Eviction Notice
  • One Violent Night
  • A Colossal Problem

Each event listed above shares one thing in common; high volumes of enemies. While completing an event rewards players with XP, most players will earn more XP by killing enemies during the event itself.

10 Running West Tek

Level Up In No Time With West Tek

Wesk Tek

Most veteran players know about West Tek. It is a facility packed full of Super Mutants. By heading there armed with Nuka Grenades and a good weapon, players can expect to rack up some serious XP.

Doing this on a team while using Lunchboxes and other XP buffs is an incredibly fast way to level up a character. This method doesn’t work for low-level players as it requires good weapons, a high damage resistance, and lots of grenades and ammo. But for experienced players, this is among the best ways to level up in Fallout 76.

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November 14, 2018