Fastest Way to Get COD Points

The Call of Duty Season 1 update has introduced players to the first Battle Pass. Like previous editions, the Battle Pass requires players to reach and complete various Sectors to earn exclusive vehicle skins, cosmetics, and weapon blueprints. However, to unlock these sectors and participate in challenges, players need COD Points.

Having COD points is vital to obtaining the most desirable items the Battle Pass and BlackCell have to offer. For example, to get the CDL Launch Pack, players must buy it for 2,000 COD Points, while the Battle Pass goes for 1,100 COD Points. If you’re looking to grab more COD Points in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 1, here are some fast ways to rack them up.


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Fastest Ways to Get COD Points in Season 1

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The fastest and easiest way to obtain COD Points in MW3 and Warzone Sesaon 1 is to complete Battle Pass missions. The Season 1 Battle Pass has 20 brand-new sectors with 100 unlockable rewards and up to 1,400 COD Points to earn. Players who complete the entire Battle Pass get 1,400 COD Points plus unique rewards, such as the Nolan Operator and the XRK Stalker Weapon.

It’s essential to note that you need to buy the full Battle Pass for a chance to earn 1,400 COD Points. If you have the free Battle Pass, you can only get 400 COD Points. Similarly, not all sectors offer players COD Points as a reward. The Sectors that offer COD Points include:

  • Sector A3 – 100 COD Points
  • Sector A6 – 100 COD Points
  • Sector A8 – 100 COD Points
  • Sector A11 – 200 COD Points
  • Sector A13 – 200 COD Points
  • Sector A14 – 100 COD Points
  • Sector A15 – 200 COD Points
  • Sector A20 – 100 COD Points

Since you don’t have to complete the sectors in a sequential order, you can skip to those offering COD Points.

Another quick way to get COD Points in Season 1 is to purchase them in-store using real-world money. While this may be costly, it’s a great alternative to grinding hours through Battle Pass missions to earn free COD Points. To buy COD Points, visit the in-store menu and choose Franchise, then make your purchase. You can use COD Points to buy digital content in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.