Fantasy sandbox MMO Albion Online is now available on PC & mobile for Europe

  • The fantasy sandbox MMO is now available in the EU
  • Albion Europe is their third active regional server
  • The game, which challenges you to battle in both hardcore PvP and PvE, was first released in 2017

Albion Online, a fantasy sandbox MMO, is now available in the EU with its third active server, Albion Europe. Albion Online launched its first server for America in 2017, and then one for Asia in 2023. The newest trailer will, like the others, be fully cross-platform and allow players to carry their progression over onto any platform as well as play with those on either.

Albion Online is an MMO that boasts of having a mixture of PvE and hardcore PvP. Players can engage in classless character-building, without the need for stats, where their armour and weapons govern their abilities. Meanwhile, the game includes a fully player-driven economy, guild and alliance systems as well as the ability to claim and hold territory.

Welcome to Albion

There was a time when the idea of having an MMO on mobile was ludicrous. As far back as 2014, the idea that RuneScape, the famous free-to-play game, would come to mobile was viewed as a long-term pipe dream. But, as we now know, the shift to mobile proved to be hugely lucrative for Jagex and great fun for players. So it’s no surprise that Albion Online developers Sandbox Interactive are bringing their game both to smartphones and PCs, and more importantly, to the EU.

However, one oddity is that Sandbox Interactive – who are Berlin-based – have waited this long to bring their game to their home continent of Europe. But with how ambitious Albion Online professes to be, players are going to be glad to get a hold of it, no matter how long it may have taken.

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