Fantastic Fortnite Aura cosplay recreates #1 most used skin of all time

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Fortnite is the biggest multiplayer game of all time and it has consistently gotten bigger and better every year since its original launch in 2017. Available for almost seven years now, the game has collaborated with dozens of famous properties, yet the most used skin of all time remains an Epic Games’ original, Aura. The red-headed OG character is on top of the most used skins of all time list, and this Fortnite Aura cosplay is simply astounding.

It should be another really exciting year for Fortnite fans. Epic Games remain silent on a leaked skin for the here and now, meanwhile, another exciting leak shows an arsenal of game-changing weapons coming to the LEGO mode. There are lots to enjoy in the game as the new year begins thanks to the additions of LEGO and music, and the next 12 months will surely be full of exciting collaborations with other video games as well as famous movies.

The crossover skins are the most famous, but it’s actually the OG outfits that remain the most used amongst the game’s community. Epic Games’ most used skin of all time is Aura, and this Fortnite cosplay perfectly recreates the beloved look.

Fortnite Aura cosplay

Popular Fortnite Twitch streamer JUSTFOXII has shared lots of cosplays dedicated to original skins from Epic Games. She has shared an immaculate cosplay of the famous Jules, and she’s also portrayed other characters such as Brite Bomber and Red-Nosed Raider. All of her character portrayals are excellent, but her Aura cosplay is one of the best received with 2.2M views and nearly 220,000 likes on TikTok.

Although the character design of Aura is more basic than other OG characters, the cosplay is really good. It accurately recreates the famous braided ginger hair, and it has all of the necessary details with the yellow cap and singular streaks of black over and under her eyes. Of course, there’s the heavy golden chain around her neck as well as the fingerless black gloves and sleeveless grey shirt with a line of red in the middle. Lastly, JUSTFOXII also went to the trouble of recreating Aura’s tattoos on her shoulder.

Image credit: kyleecarterrr/justfoxii on Instagram

According to, Aura is the #1 most used skin of all time. Below are the top ten:

  • Aura
  •  Surf Witch
  •  Backlash
  •  Focus
  •  Joltara
  •  Lara Croft/Tomb Raider
  •  Polarity
  •  Siren
  •  Echo
  •  Par Patroller

While Aura is the most used skin of all time, Lara Croft is the most used crossover skin. Definitely check out this amazing Tomb Raider cosplay that mirrors the Fortnite skin while accurately portraying the grittiness of the survivor reboot. As for JUSTFOXII, you can find more immaculate Fortnite cosplays on her TikTok account as well as her Instagram. You can also find her streaming Fortnite almost every day on her Twitch.

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