Fan-Made Fallout London Has A Release Date

Fallout: London, the ambitious fan-made mod that’s been simmering in development for years, finally has a release date. It will come out on April 23, 2024, which isn’t very long off. This Fallout experience rips up the franchise’s American roots and transplants players to a post-apocalyptic United Kingdom. Specifically, London.

Don’t expect Vault-Tec shelters or Super Mutants roaming the Tube tunnels. Fallout London carves its own path, crafting a world shaped by different historical echoes. The Resource Wars ravaged Europe differently, leaving a class-laden society grappling with its pre-war past. Factions like the aristocratic Gentry, clad in tattered finery, rule from Westminster, while the revolutionary 5th Column plots their overthrow. Meanwhile, Knights of the Round Table rise from the shadows, offering a glimmer of Camelot amidst the urban decay.

This isn’t just a sightseeing tour of ruined landmarks. You’ll navigate intricate storylines that delve into post-apocalyptic Britain’s unique social and political landscape. The narrative threads weave through familiar Fallout themes like survival, power struggles, and the search for meaning in a shattered world, but with a distinctly British twist. Think Peaky Blinders meets Mad Max in Shakespeare’s Globe.

Of course, no Fallout experience is complete without its arsenal of wasteland weaponry and quirky companions. Fallout London promises a fresh batch of both, with weapons repurposed from the residue of pre-war London and intriguing characters like the elusive Mr. Smythe, rumored to be the puppet master pulling the strings in the city’s power plays.

According to Eurogamer, there’s still some testing to do. Most games need testing when they’re about to release, and there’s a large fanbase of people who want this next Fallout who are likely to help. So, if you have Fallout 4 on PC, keep an eye out for this fan-made entry to the series. It looks like a great one.