Fallout Show Gives Gamers a Reason to Revisit Fallout Shelter


  • Fallout Shelter has a new update inspired by the Fallout TV show, featuring new quests, locations, vault dwellers, and outfits.
  • Players can also claim a free Vault 33 jumpsuit in-game until May 7.
  • The game, initially released in 2015, continues to receive updates based on newer Fallout content.

Fallout Shelter has released a brand-new update based on the Fallout TV show, giving fans of the series a reason to revisit the mobile title. Fallout Shelter sees players take charge of their very own Vault, and now, there’s a lot more content available in the game.

Fallout Shelter was first released in June 2015, just a few months prior to the release of Fallout 4. Its addictive gameplay quickly made it one of the best mobile simulation games on the market, allowing it to find an audience based on the strength of its mechanics rather than the IP it’s based upon. In the years that have followed, the game has received plenty of updates, bringing even more new content, such as quests and vault dwellers. Almost nine years on from its initial launch, it’s great to see that Bethesda hasn’t abandoned the game completely.


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As confirmed by Bethesda, Fallout Shelter has received a huge update based on the Fallout TV series, adding a ton of new content from the show. The number of additions is huge, with an entire new questline featuring eight quests, new locations, as well as six unlockable vault dwellers, including Lucy and The Ghoul. It doesn’t stop there, either, with new themes, weapons, and outfits seen in the critically acclaimed Fallout show. This includes a pre-war cowboy outfit, The Ghoul’s revolver, and a wedding dress with a bandolier. On top of all of this, players can also claim a Vault 33 jumpsuit for free until May 7.

Fallout Shelter isn’t the only title in the series to receive an update during the release period of the TV adaptation. It was recently revealed that a huge Fallout 4 update is coming on April 25, finally bringing the game to current-gen consoles, alongside a ton of new Creation Club items for free. Unfortunately, none of the items seem to be related to the Fallout TV show, but no doubt this is something that modders could tackle later down the line in the PC version of the game.

New Additions to Fallout Shelter

  • New questline with eight new quests
  • New locations
  • New themes
  • Six unlockable vault dwellers, including Lucy and The Ghoul
  • New weapons and outfits, including a pre-war cowboy outfit, The Ghoul’s revolver, and a wedding dress
  • Vault 33 jumpsuit claimable until May 7

The Fallout franchise is in a great spot at the moment. Fans seem to be largely happy with the TV adaptation, and it’s a series that new viewers could enjoy without the context of the video games. While Todd Howard is resisting a possible Elder Scrolls adaptation at the moment, if Fallout continues to receive massively positive word of mouth, it’s possible that this could change with the right pitch in the future. As for any future Fallout games – word on that front has been quiet for a long time, and hopefully, its success in the TV medium prompts some movement on a new title.


Fallout Shelter

A construction and management sim, Fallout Shelter casts players as a Vault’s Overseer, tasking them with running the underground facility and guiding its members. While initially a mobile exclusive, Bethesda’s game eventually came to PC and consoles.

June 14, 2015

Bethesda Softworks