Fallout Fan Creates Awesome Pip-Boy and Fitbit Hybrid


  • A Fallout fan has created a Fitbit/Pip-Boy hybrid reminiscent of the iconic item in the games.
  • The ‘Pip-Boy Nano’ features a custom UI and painted rubber strap, showing amazing creativity.
  • Fallout fans have a history of creating tributes, with this unique Fitbit adding a fan-made touch.

A talented Fallout fan has managed to create an amazing hybrid between a Fitbit and a Pip-Boy as seen in the games. The Pip-Boy is one of the most recognizable items from the Fallout games, as it plays a key role in each title.

With Fallout first debuting back in 1997, the series is almost three decades old. Fans of the franchise have always been an extremely passionate group, and this has manifested itself in a ton of amazing fan creations paying tribute to the games. Many of these creations are mods for the games themselves, but some are real creations that bring the items from the games to life. Recently, one Fallout fan created an amazing mini-nuke replica, bringing another of the series’ iconic items into the real world.


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Redditor Ranger_Houston shared their amazing Pip-Boy Fitbit hybrid with the Fallout community online. The creation puts the UI of the Pip-Boy onto a Fitbit by using a custom watch face and features a custom-painted rubber strap designed to closely resemble the Pip-Boy from Fallout. Ranger_Houston has painted a few great details onto the watch strap, including the Pip-Boy lights players can see in the games. Not only is it an incredibly creative way to pay tribute to a fantastic franchise, but it’s also extremely practical, too, allowing them to keep fit with Fallout right by their side.

Fallout Fitbit and Pipboy Hybrid Fan Creation

Other gamers in the thread had plenty to say and ask about the cool Pip-Boy. One player joked, “And all limbs at 100% health? I remember being under 30.” When asked which model the case was for, Ranger_Houston confirmed that it was for a Fitbit Sense 2, although the case is also available for other Fitbit sizes. In the past, there have been real-life Pip-Boys given away with Fallout limited editions, but there’s something extra special about a fan-made version like this.

There’s plenty for Fallout fans to be excited about at the moment. The upcoming show on Amazon promises to be one of the best video game TV adaptations to date, and it isn’t long before fans get their hands on the entire series. Fallout 76 continues to receive strong expansions, putting the game in the strongest place it has been in for a long time. Any concrete news on a potential Fallout 5 will likely be a while away yet, especially as Bethesda’s focus remains on Starfield expansions and the development of The Elder Scrolls 6 for the time being.