September 25, 2023

Microsoft’s trial with the US Federal Trade Commission is over, but bombs continue to drop, courtesy of court documents being made public. A statement from October 2022 held remotely with Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer revealed Bethesda’s entire release schedule up to fiscal year 2024.

It was spotted by Resetera user Madjoki, and references Project Hibiki (likely Hi-Fi Rush), Starfield and Redfall for release in fiscal year 2021, while MachineGames’ Indiana Jones was slated for FY22. Since the document is from 2020 and at least two titles faced delays while Indiana Jones wasn’t released by March 31st, 2023, the other release windows are likely outdated. Case in point is The Elder Scrolls 6 for the fiscal year 2024, while Spencer recently felt it was still more than five years away.

However, the other titles are interesting, like remasters of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion and Fallout 3, DOOM Year Zero (with DLC) and Dishonored 3. A sequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo and two projects with codenames, Project Kestrel and Project Platinum, along with a licensed IP game, were also noted. None of these projects are officially confirmed.

Whether Microsoft will address this leak remains to be seen, so stay tuned.

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