September 24, 2023

Fae Farm is the next game from Phoenix Labs, and it’s generating a lot of buzz. The big question on everyone’s mind is the time it releases and when is the release date. Use our Fae Farm Countdown to find out everything you need to know!

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Fae Farm Release Date & Time Countdown

Get ready to dive into the magical world of Azoria, as Fae Farm is set to release on September 8, 2023, at 4PM UTC. An official time hasn’t been revealed yet normally, third-party games releasing on Nintendo Switch at at 4 PM UTC, and this is the normal time for Steam releases that aren’t a midnight launch. When the countdown below reaches zero, you’ll be able to play Fae Farm, no matter where you live in the world!

2 Days 3 Hours 39 Min 7 Sec

Fae Farm Exact Release Times for Each Region

Time zones can be tricky, but if you’re eager to know the exact time Fae Farm releases, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of time zones converted to when Fae Farm releases in your region:

Time Zone Countdown
United States of America

2 Days 7 Hours 39 Min 7 Sec

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro (BRT)

2 Days 6 Hours 39 Min 7 Sec

United Kingdom, London (BST)

2 Days 2 Hours 39 Min 7 Sec

Germany, Berlin (CEST)

2 Days 1 Hours 39 Min 7 Sec

South Africa, Cape Town (SAST)

2 Days 1 Hours 39 Min 7 Sec

UAE, Dubai (GST)

1 Days 23 Hours 39 Min 7 Sec

India, New Delhi (IST)

1 Days 22 Hours 9 Min 7 Sec

China, Beijing (CST)

1 Days 19 Hours 39 Min 7 Sec

Japan, Tokyo (JST)

1 Days 18 Hours 39 Min 7 Sec

Australia, Sydney (AEDT)

1 Days 17 Hours 39 Min 7 Sec

New Zealand, Auckland (NZDT)

1 Days 15 Hours 39 Min 7 Sec

What is Fae Farm?

Fae Farm is a magical farming simulation game set in the enchanting world of Azoria. Players can build a life beyond imagination, cultivate their farm, explore magical lands, and be part of a vibrant community. The game offers a blend of farming, crafting, and exploration, with players having the opportunity to foster deep relationships and unravel the secrets of Azoria.

How to Play Fae Farm Early on Nintendo Switch?

You can play Fae Farm early on Nintendo Switch, however it’s not as easy as it sounds. and you have to pay for the game using Australian Dollars as that is the currency of New Zealand; you cannot use local currency. Do the following:

  1. Set up your console to the New Zealand region.
  2. Go to the Nintendo website and change your account to New Zealand.
  3. Restart the e-shop on your console to apply the region change.
  4. Purchase the game on the NZ eShop using Australian dollars (ensure your bank allows this or use Gift Cards).
  5. Wait for the game’s release in New Zealand.

Disclaimer we are not responsible for anything going wrong.

Can You Play Fae Farm Early on PC?

Regarding playing Fae Farm early on PC, well, the situation isn’t very favorable. While some VPNs previously enabled a workaround for this, recent adjustments to certain VPNs and digital distribution platforms have rendered these methods pretty useless. Sadly, PC players of Fae Farm will have to wait.

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