Face new horrors with phase two of the Reverse 1999 update A Nightmare at Green Lake

Phase two introduces Jessica a changeling who lives at the Green Lake campsite.

Time-travel RPG Reverse: 1999 is launching phase two of the retro horror movie-themed update, A Nightmare at Green Lake. Phase two will run until January 17th and introduces the new 6-star character, Jessica. Jessica is a changeling who lives at the Green Lake Campsite with her woodland critter friends. The child of a purebred changeling and a Deer Woman, Jessica is an intellectual who prefers to spend her days in the woods, where she rarely comes across humans. But beware, years of isolation have made Jessica cruel.

You can summon Jessica with the new rate-up banner, The Changeling Awaits, which is available for a limited time. You’ll also have a chance to gain a new 5-star character, Horropedia, a field investigator with a passion for spooky things.

Phase two of the A Nightmare at Green Lake update also introduces the Winter Warmth II sign-in event. Through January 18th, you can claim seven Unilog by logging in for seven days. However, you’ll also need to complete the game’s main story to gain these rewards. You can collect FAME cards during the UTTU Flash Gathering, A Night Visit to the Lake, to get Eagle’s new garment.

You can also participate in Jessica’s story event One Flews Over the Old House. If you complete the story event, you’ll gain growth materials and Clear Drops, among other rewards. Additionally, you can participate in the A Tooth for a Tooth event, where you’ll deal with a strange merchant. To access these events, you must complete the main story, In Our Time.

Beginning December 30, you can partake in a limited-time summoning event through which you can summon The Golden Thread I/II/III. By unravelling The Golden Thread, you can choose a select 6-star character, including Druvis ?, An-an Lee, Sotheby, Centurion, Ms. NewBabel, Eternity, and Regulus.

Reverse 1999 is available on Google Play, the App Store and PC. To keep up with all the latest Reverse 1999 news follow the game on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.