Exciting Announcement: Neon Idol VR news

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Neon Idol VR, a cyberpunk adventure set in an alternative 1987. As a VR cop navigating a tech-dominated city, you’ll solve puzzles, gather intel, and enhance your abilities through implants. The game, crafted by a seasoned developer with a track record including titles like No More Room In Hell and Dead Before Dawn, promises an intense VR experience.

Exciting Announcement: Neon Idol VR

Embark on the cyberpunk journey of “Neon Idol VR” on leading PC-connected VR headsets and PlayStation VR. This immersive adventure, drawing inspiration from classics like RoboCop and Blade Runner, delivers sophisticated gameplay optimized for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and the PlayStation VR platform. In production since 2017, it unfolds a captivating narrative, intricate puzzle-solving, and decision-driven gameplay. Immerse yourself in the dystopian landscape, where your choices shape the storyline. Experience “Neon Idol VR” across platforms, pushing the boundaries of virtual reality technology.

The World of Neon Idol VR

The narrative unfolds in an alternative version of 1987, shaped by the technological dominance of the Konrad Zuse Corporation since 1949. The Zuse Computer Corp. monopolizes the market as the sole provider of software and hardware, hampering technological innovation. Since France’s pioneering moon landing in 1954, they’ve been extracting precious lunar minerals, once the dream-enabling essence for Avoins (French aircraft). With 38% of the lunar surface depleted, the undeniable decline has fueled the MSTM movement (Merde, save the moon!), growing increasingly militant and resorting to terrorist acts against French conglomerates. As robotic forces replace human labor, societal rejection of these artificial helpers intensifies, even those owned personally.


You have lost your mind, quite literally. Without memories of your past or any knowledge of who you are, you awaken in a hostile world. However, it becomes immediately apparent that the cold corpse beside you bodes ill. Even though you don’t know who or where you are, you sense that this world teeters on the brink, and only you can save it or plunge it into the abyss with you.


I’m crafting an immersive adventure game where players unravel puzzles, gather intel from characters, and augment their abilities through implants. Action sequences are finely tuned for maximum impact, leaving players with a sense of accomplishment. In VR, the possibilities are heightened. For instance, detecting a secret door by feeling controller vibrations while exploring a room adds a unique touch. Cybernetic arm replacements enhance strength but diminish tactile sensation.

Drawing inspiration from the 1987 film RoboCop, the game features intense scenes, like a challenging scenario where players must adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Expect a thrilling, immersive experience that pushes VR boundaries without compromising on comfort.

Who am I?

I’m Jacob, but you might know me better as Darth_Brush. I’ve been involved in crafting various games and mods, with some of my notable works including No More Room In Hell, Dead Before Dawn for Left 4 Dead, Zombie Panic Source, and numerous mods for Half-Life 2. With nearly a decade of experience, I’ve dedicated myself to the VR industry, contributing to innovative applications. Several of my projects have earned recognition through national and international awards.


I would appreciate your support for Neon Idol VR, whether it’s providing feedback, spreading the word about the project, or simply giving a thumbs up here and there. Most updates will be posted on Reddit or Discord.