Ex Astris starts life with a silver spoon as Hypergyph announces Arknights crossover on launch

Developer Hypergryph and publisher Gryphline are making sure the release of their upcoming RPG, Ex Astris, is going to go off with aplomb by announcing a crossover with one of mobile’s biggest names. Arknights will be dropping in with some exclusive items to begin your journey in style.

Ex Astris is set on a planet named Allindo, a tidally locked orbit that results in a sun that never sets, so at least werewolves aren’t a concern. Players will strike out across this bright land with a team of eclectic allies, travelling in style and comfort in that time-honoured of ways; an RV.

When the game launches, payers will be able to jump right into this massive collaboration with Arknights, called When the Lands Meets the Stars. To celebrate, there is a special event page open where you can sign up and get some special prizes, and it must be said with its music and animated displays, this is one of the better special pages I have seen.

Those who visit the site can use it to link their Gryphline account, and if you sign into the game with the same account before March 12th you will unlock two special attires; the rather functional Light Uniform to keep you cool in the heat of battle, and the Loose Uniform, because who doesn’t want to face a terrifying beast in clothes that don’t fit right?

The Arknight goodies will be available to nab from the launch date up until that magical March 12th, and players will be able to get themselves two special furniture pieces to show off their fandom; a Doll of Polar Day and a Doll of Pitchest Black. When claimed, an in-game mail will ferry the prizes to you, but it expires in 30 days so act fast.

Pre-orders are open now for Ex Astris on the App Store and Google Play for $9.99, with a release date of February 27th.