Everybody is saying the same thing about rage quitters in The Finals

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The new PvP shooter on the block – The Finals – has gotten off to an auspicious start since its official launch last week, but many players are currently frustrated with the current measures in place against rage quitters.

In a thread on The Finals subreddit entitled “Leaving games needs to be punished more” a user known as Jaded_Judge_2711 has voiced their frustrations. “I’m sick of teammates quitting because they suck and can’t figure out that rushing straight in by yourself with a light doesn’t work in this game. I don’t even think I’m great or I probably wouldn’t even say good but it doesn’t take a f******g rocket scientist to realize running in and dying isn’t going to win the game.”

Konigni agrees: “What I really don’t get are the ones that leave when it’s like 20 seconds left for the match to end. It happens quite frequently. Can’t tell if they’re just too impatient and think we’re going to lose anyway or if there’s some benefit.” Pacemasters offers up a suggestion “Exactly this. Stricter punishment for leaving but also provide a bonus to xp or VRs if you have to backfill. The best feeling is seeing a teammate leave after the first cash out and then you proceed to win the match. Or when you backfill on losing team and end up winning.”

However, many are also worried that such measures could punish those who legit end up crashing out for technical reasons, with some even claiming they’ve crashed out more since the game released than during its beta periods. “I haven’t played this game that much,” begins FutureAristocrat. “But I’ve already crashed once, been “banned” once (restarting the game fixed it), and been “kicked” once from a server while playing with friends. Of course, once that happens, I have no way to reconnect either. I think fixing those should be a higher priority than penalizing leaving.”

Of course, it’s very early days yet for the shooter, so you can very much expect plenty of updates and tweaks as the developers start learning from the behaviour of the live players. Time will tell if harsher measures come in for those who abandon their squads too early. The Finals is available now, and for more on the game check out our The Finals review or our guide on how to get Multibucks in The Finals.