Every Weapon Type Revealed For Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC So Far


  • Several new weapon types are coming in Elden Ring’s DLC, adding variety and unique gameplay mechanics for players to explore.
  • New weapon types include dueling shields, martial arts weapons, reverse-grip swords, and thrown weapons, each offering distinctive combat styles.
  • Other teased weapons like repeating crossbows and jousting swords may fit into old or new categories if players can wield them.

There are said to be eight new weapon types coming in Elden Ring’s upcoming Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC, among an expanded variety of the existing weapon types, Sorceries, and Incantations. It’s long been suggested that this expansion would be adding new weapons, according to leaks following its initial announcement. This has since been confirmed via a recent trailer for the Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC.

So far, a handful of new weapon types arriving in Shadow of the Erdtree have already been revealed. While the remaining few weapon types currently remain a mystery, gamers recently got to see some of these new weapon types in action in the latest trailer for Elden Ring’s first expansion.


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New Weapon Types Coming in Elden Ring’s Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

Confirmed Weapon Types

  • Dueling Shields
  • Martial Arts Weapons
  • Reverse-Grip Swords
  • Thrown Weapons

Dueling Shields: Having access to a new type of shield that can utilize a wide range of offensive attacks will be especially useful, given the new difficulty-scaling progression system players will face in Shadow Of The Erdtree. Assuming that players can equip the Parry Ash Of War on these shields, dueling shields could be a game-changer for helping players to master parrying in Elden Ring, which is admittedly a difficult technique to perfect. Not to mention, offensive shields could also reshape the PvP meta in Elden Ring.

Martial Arts Weapons: This new weapon type will be a game-changer for unarmed builds in Elden Ring, as players will finally have unarmed weapons that can be upgraded, scaled with skills, and equipped with Ashes of War. These weapons will also allow players to perform unique attacks that include kicking strikes.

Reverse-Grip Swords: Traditionally, wielding swords with a reversed grip is a stylized method for employing alternative combat maneuvers and techniques. Based on what’s been shown in the trailer, Elden Ring’s reverse-grip weapons appear to offer unique, spinning-attack combos. This can potentially result in extended combos that last far beyond the standard attack combo lengths of the existing weapon types in the Elden Ring.

Thrown Weapons: Very little is known about this weapon type for now, and while the same can be said for any of the new weapon types coming in the expansion, the thrown weapons are a special case. While it’s a fair assumption that these weapons will have infinite uses, unlike the consumable items that can be crafted in Elden Ring, whether they will use FP, be able to be wielded one-handed, or capable of simple melee strikes remains a mystery.

Other Weapons Shown Off In Elden Ring’s Shadow Of The Erdtree Trailer

  • Bombs
  • Boss Weapons/Spells
  • Boomerangs
  • Jousting Swords
  • Repeating Crossbows

For now, the only confirmed weapon types coming in the expansion are the ones that can be seen wielded by player characters in the new trailer. However, there are a few cases of new weapons revealed that may be part of existing weapon types, or weapons that can be seen used by enemies that players may be able to obtain. For example, repeating crossbows, bombs, and boomerang-like weapons can be seen in the trailer, but it’s uncertain whether any of these will be distinct weapon types, or if they will fit into other existing or new weapon types.

Normally, players can gain access to the signature spells and weapons used by the major bosses in Elden Ring, so it’s safe to expect that players will be able to wield some of the boss weapons shown off in the trailer. Also, an enemy riding an armored mount can be seen wielding what appears to be a jousting sword, which makes it a likely possibility that players will be able to earn weapons like this. Ever since the game’s release, horseback combat in Elden Ring has been rather limited, so new weapons like jousting swords, as well as thrown weapons, could help to alleviate this issue.

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