Epic Games Store Makes Exceptions for Blockchain Games in New Adults Only Rating Guidelines

Epic has revealed a change to the way Adults Only-rated games are distributed on the Epic Games Store, with particular reference to blockchain games.

According to the storefront’s new guidelines, any game that receives this rating solely because it contains blockchain or NFT elements can still be distributed on the store.

Adults Only-rated games are generally disallowed from distribution on the Epic Store, but if the game doesn’t contain any other elements that would see it rated Adults Only, it seems it’s fair game for Epic.

Games like Gods Unchained are now fair game on the Epic Games Store.

As part of this guideline update, Epic also reinstated two blockchain games that had previously been removed from the Epic Store: Gods Unchained and Striker Manager 3.

Neither game seemingly contains anything else that would give them an Adults Only rating; blockchain tech seems to be the only motivating factor in said rating being awarded.

In its new guidelines, Epic clarifies that any blockchain game on the Epic Store must still comply with the storefront’s Blockchain Technology Guidelines and its Content Guidelines.

A soccer game in progress in Striker Manager 3, a blockchain game on the Epic Games Store
Striker Manager 3 promises to be “the deepest Web3 manager game”.

The former prohibits games from doing things like linking to blockchain or crypto marketplaces, as well as “facilitat[ing] gambling” and being distributed in China or South Korea.

The Content Guidelines, meanwhile, prohibit “pornography, gambling, and hateful content”, among other things, so naturally, blockchain games on the Epic Games Store can’t contain any of these things.

Epic’s stance on blockchain games stands in stark contrast to that of Valve; cryptocurrency games are banned on Steam, although some still find a way to slip through the net.

Many developers are still seemingly interested in blockchain and NFT technology; Square Enix announced earlier this year that it would double down on blockchain, and Sega has also declared its intent to create an NFT-driven game based around an “immensely popular” franchise.

Upcoming MMORPG Legend of Ymir, which recently got its first gameplay reveal, will also feature NFT technology, so this isn’t a conversation that’s going away anytime soon.

Stay tuned for more on this and all other things blockchain gaming-related.