Epic Games free mystery game December 13th predictions & 15 days of Christmas list

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The annual Epic Games winter sale for December 2023 is about to begin. This is a fantastic yearly event for gamers to take advantage of discounts for dozens of amazing PC games such as Alan Wake 2 this year. However, what’s even better than the discounts is the Epic Games 15 days of free mystery games. The first free mystery game unlocks on December 13th, and there are predictions online for the start of the 15 days list.

While the promotion begins tomorrow, there is also the start time for the GOG Winter Sale. And, in just a couple of weeks’ time, there is the start date for the Steam Winter Sale 2023. All of these promotions will allow you to bag gems at massively discounted prices. As for in-game events, Epic Games themselves are conducting the Fortnite Winterfest 2023.

All of the above is exciting, but it’s the 15 days of free mystery games people anticipate the most. It often includes both AAA and indie titles, and you need to claim each one before they expire in just 24 hours.

Epic Games free mystery game December 13th predictions

Predictions for the Epic Games free mystery game on December 13th are way less certain than in 2022. As is usual with the 15 days of Christmas list, each mystery game is teased with a gift wrap. The wrapping paper always includes a clue in the shape of a logo, icon, or simply an image from the game set to be unveiled. For December 13th, the clue is a mouse cursor and nothing more.

Leaker Billbil-kun hasn’t identified the game as of writing, so we’re merely stuck with predictions and guesses for the time being. Users on Reddit are attempting to guess the upcoming freebie, and some of the predictions so far include games like Cookie Clicker and Cursor Blade. There are also guesses for PC Building Simulator 2 and Hypnospace Outlaw.

All of the above are good guesses based on the cursor clue. Out of them all, we’d probably say Hypnospace Outlaw, although less prominent, is the best prediction because the cursor looks identical. Still, unlike most other games, the clue this time around is really hard as it could pertain to almost anything on PC.

Fortunately, we only have to until 8 AM PT/ 11 AM ET/ 4 PM GMT on December 13th for the freebie to be unveiled. Hopefully, it’s good as the reaction to some of the titles during December 2022 were mixed to be kind.

Epic Games 15 days of Christmas free games December 2023 list

We will continually update the below Epic Games 15 days of Christmas free games December 2023 list:

  • December 13th –
  •  December 14th –
  •  December 15th –
  •  December 16th –
  •  December 17th –
  •  December 18th –
  •  December 19th –
  •  December 20th –
  •  December 21st –
  •  December 22nd –
  •  December 23rd –
  •  December 24th –
  •  December 25th –
  •  December 26th –
  •  December 27th –

Each day we will also discuss predictions and leaks for the next upcoming freebie. However, as of writing, it’s important to note that the event is not confirmed to last 15 days. It’s presumed it will be 15 days similar to 2021 and 2022, but it could be 12 instead like in 2020. However, they always go past December 25th, so 15 days seems a safe bet.