September 29, 2023

Image: Epic Games

It’s been an amazing six years for Fortnite, with the Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard being one of the core reasons for the game’s success and evolving narrative. However, it seems that era has come to an end with Mustard announcing today that he would be retiring from his position at Epic Games in the next month.

Mustard made the announcement on Twitter, where it quickly began to amass thousands of replies from fans who shared their appreciation for his work. While it’s unclear why Mustard is leaving at the moment, he states that he hopes to spend more time with his wife and family now that he’s leaving his position at Epic.

Mustard dedicates a large paragraph to his appreciation for the Fortnite community and the many narrative events that he had a hand in creating. While many fans may be dismayed by this news, he makes sure to state that the teams continue to be in the best hands moving forward as they work on bigger and better things.

It’s unclear if Mustard will be moving on to other roles or if he intends to take a period of time off from the whole industry following the success of this title. Fortnite still manages to draw in millions of players during every major update, so it’s clear that his work has made a lasting impact for the game and Epic as a whole.

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