Epic Games Brings Midas Back To Fortnite

Epic Games has announced the return of the popular Fortnite character, Midas, in the upcoming Rise of Midas event. This update for Chapter 5, Season 2, includes a new storyline, a well-loved game mode, special rewards, a competitive tournament, and new mythic items.

Midas, known for his golden touch, has escaped the Underworld, initiating a series of “Rise of Midas” Quests. These quests will be released in stages during the event and provide in-game rewards, such as the Cerberus Medallion Spray, Rose of Avarice Back Bling, and the majestic Queen in Gold Glider. Midas is one of the best characters Fortnite made, so it’s good every time he comes back.

The classic Floor is Lava mode is back with a Midas twist. In “Midas Presents: Floor is Lava,” players can experience scorching golden lava and unlock Zeus-inspired sprays and the Gilded Vengeance Pickaxe by completing exclusive quests. On March 26th, the Item Shop will add new items: the Ascendant Midas Outfit, Golden King’s Cape Back Bling, Golden Touch Pickaxe, and Golden Ascension Wrap. Each item will have a default style and a special “Shade” style for a more ghostly appearance.

Competitive players can showcase their skills in the upcoming Rise of Midas Cup, a solo tournament scheduled for March 24th. Winners in each region will secure the Ascendant Midas Outfit and Golden King’s Cape Back Bling before they become available in the Item Shop. Additionally, all participants who accumulate at least eight points will be rewarded with The Rise of Midas Loading Screen.

The v29.01 patch brings new mythic items to the game. Players can now use the Chains of Hades, a powerful weapon capable of pulling in enemies for stronger attacks. Another addition is the Shield Bubble Jr., a smaller and more portable version of the classic Shield Bubble that players can use for protection.

Midas’ return is being treated with the importance it has. If you want details on points, scores, and all that, check out the blog post announcing it.