Enter dreams and battle nightmares in the new Twinightmare season of Torchlight Infinite

Collect Dream Lotuses scattered across the game’s maps to enter Good Dreams.

XD Games has announced the launch of a new season for its dungeon crawler Torchlight Infinite. Dubbed Twinightmare, the new season, which launches December 28, features the game’s newest playable hero, Rosa the High Court Chariot.

As Rosa, you can transform into an unstoppable chariot that mows down enemies using her Holy Domain ability. Using the Holy Domain skill also inflicts a curse upon your enemies. Rosa also has high defensive capabilities, which make her capable of surviving the most challenging battles. You can unlock Rosa by purchasing the Twinightmare Season Pass.

The Twinightmare update also adds four new skills to the game: Whirlwind Blade, Lightning Beam, Star Stalker and Harmonious Field. These new skills allow you to customize your Hunters even more than before. Along with the new season come various game optimizations and quality-of-life improvements. Torchlight Infinite’s Help Manual now features a smoother UX for looting. Additionally, it is now easier than ever to share your character builds with other players.

The new season throws you into a dream realm where you can release Good Dreams by interacting with Dream Lotuses. Good Dreams spawn Dream Monsters, which drop rewards when you defeat them. However, each time you enter a Good Dream, you risk being ambushed by a Nightmare attack. The more rewards you earn inside a Good Dream, the more challenging the Nightmare will be to vanquish. Escape the Nightmare to gain the season’s ultimate rewards.

The game is also hosting a new Winter Festival, during which, Torchlight Hideout will be decorated with ice and snow. During the event, you’ll have a chance to obtain the exclusive drop, Snowflake, which you can exchange for rewards such as exclusive legendary gear and avatars.

Torchlight Infinite is available on Steam, Google Play and the App Store. To learn more about the game and to keep up with the game’s latest news, check out the game’s official site.