Enshrouded: Scavenger Matron Boss Guide

Enshrouded is a survival crafting game by Keen Games in which the main goal is to build your base, survive the harsh environment, and fighting off various enemies. Furthermore, players are also tasked with upgrading the Flame Altar. Nevertheless, a Flame Altar can be upgraded using various resources.

At times, players might need to take down a boss and use its head to upgrade the Altar. The Scavenger Matron Head is no different, an enemy head received after defeating the Scavenger Matron Boss. This boss head is used to strengthen a player’s Flame to level three.

Luckily, this boss isn’t challenging to defeat, unlike the other bosses players encounter throughout Embervale once they progress in Enshrouded. However, the acid attack and poisonous vomit this boss throws is devastating. Keep reading to learn more about how to defeat the Scavenger Matron effortlessly.


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Where is the Scavenger Matron Boss Located

enshrouded scavenger matron boss location

Generally, the Scavenger Matron Boss is in massive amounts throughout the map. Players can find these bosses at any location that includes a Scavenger Camp. However, as you progress through the game, these bosses get stronger.

To acquire a Scavenger Matron Head and strengthen your Flame Altar, one of the most commonly used locations is the Hill of Scavengers, located underneath the Mistbury Catacombs on the map.

However, the Scavenger Matron Boss found here is of the Gorger type, meaning that it throws poison from its mouth. This boss unleashes poison attacks from its mouth, posing a severe threat to players’ health. In some cases, players might end up dead after receiving a single hit from Scavenger Matron.

Must-Have Consumables Before Fighting the Scavenger Matron Boss

Scavenger Matron Boss found in Hill of Scavenger typically uses two types of combos, each of which significantly damages a player.

These attacks are the following:

  • Acid Vomit: A poisonous green-colored vomit that has great damage capacity. In some cases, it is a single-hit kill.
  • Acid Throw: A small container of green-colored acid that the Scavenger Matron regularly throws at a player during the boss fight.

Hence, players should have with them a variety of consumables that will help throughout the fight. Here are some essentials to have:

grilled wolf meat enshrouded

  • Grilled Wolf Meat: Grants players with a +2 constitution and an additional health bar.
  • Berries: Used for health regeneration.
  • Flask of the Fell: Provides players with +20 Stamina.
  • Elixir: Used to enhance the damage dealt.

How to Defeat the Scavenger Matron Boss

The biggest weakness of the Scavenger Matron Boss is that it moves slowly. And while most players sprint or dodge-roll to escape the creature’s acid attacks, the best method is simply running around it. The reason is that the Scavenger Matron’s mobility is too slow to catch a player in time to damage them with its acid attacks, so long as they keep revolving around it in one direction!

However, it is best to stay opposite the Scavenger Matron during the vomit attacks since the vomit spreads at a wider distance. A quick way to spot when the creature’s about to deal with its mouthy poison is to listen in for a weird gurgling sound. When it comes to dealing damage to the Scavenger Matron, players can choose either of the two methods:

  • Melee Attacks
  • Long-ranged Attacks

Melee attacks come in handy for players equipped with a melee build. Additionally, players who opt to revolve around the Scavenger Matron can successfully deal damage to the boss without suffering much damage.

For archers, players must remember that the Scavenger Matron’s head is protected by armor, so trying to damage the upper area of this boss will be of no good. However, aiming for the stomach region of the Scavenger Matron deals excellent damage.


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A note-worthy point to remember here is that the Scavenger Matron is highly resistant to two types of attacks:

However, other methods such as cutting, fire, lighting, and piercing greatly damage this challenging foe.

Additional Tip to Defeat the Scavenger Matron Boss

scavenger gorger matron enshrouded

As stated above, the Scavenger Matron’s weak link is its speed. But what if it can’t chase a player anymore? There’s a way to do just that in Enshrouded!

To start with, players must have a bow equipped with them. During the boss fight on the Hill of Scavengers, players must make the Scavenger Matron chase them long enough to get the creature in the middle where the explosive barrels are present. Once done, players will have to shoot down that barrel. The explosion causes a deep hole in the ground where players can now trap the Scavenger Matron, disallowing it to leave its place.

To do so, players must simply make the Scavenger Matron chase them and dodge the creature tactically so that it gets trapped in the hole. Players can also equip themselves with explosives and throw them at the Scavenger Matron once they are close to the hole.

Doing so further widens the gap, eventually pulling the boss down. One thing to note here, however, is that players must remain cautious of Scavenger Matron’s acid attacks and the deadly vomit during the chase.

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January 24, 2024

Keen Games