Enshrouded Guide (Crafting Materials, Equipment Guides & More)

It can sometimes seem as though open-world survival games with crafting mechanics are a dime a dozen these days, which can in turn make it very difficult for one of them to make any kind of noticeable impact on the industry. However, with its unique mechanics and fantastic multiplayer functionality, Enshrouded has managed to do exactly that, attracting over one million players in the week or so following its early access launch.


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Like most other games in this genre, there’s an awful lot for players to wrap their heads around in Enshrouded, which can make it seem a little daunting to those who are new to this type of game. With the help of this Enshrouded guide hub, though, beginners can learn all about the game’s mechanics, while also finding out how to get their hands on some of the rarest resources and equipment that the world of Embervale has to offer.

  • Getting Started in Enshrouded


    Players will start the game inside the Cinder Vault, from whence they’ll be able to explore pretty much all of Embervale right from the get-go. However, before venturing too far from the game’s spawn point, they’ll want to take some time to familiarize themselves with some of the core mechanics in Enshrouded and get to work on building their very first base. This section of our Enshrouded guide hub should come in very useful in this regard, making it much easier for players to acclimatize to their new surroundings.

  • Crafting Materials & Recipes


    As is often the case in most modern survival games, crafting plays an important role in Enshrouded, with players expecting to assemble much of the gear and equipment that they’ll be using for themselves. To do so, they’ll need to get their hands on a wide variety of crafting materials, some of which can be very hard to come by. This section of the guide hub will cover the locations of some of the most commonly used and hard-to-find resources, as well as more details guides for some of the game’s most important craftable items.

  • Gear & Equipment


    Having the best gear and equipment in Enshrouded can make surviving the world of Embervale a lot less stressful. Grappling Hooks and Gliders make getting around much easier, while equipping higher quality weapons and armor allows players to take on some of the game’s most powerful enemies without having to worry too much about their health bars. This section of the guide hub features information on upgrading, repairing, and farming weapons, as well as guides on where players can find specific pieces of gear.

  • Story & Side Quest Guides


    Given how easy it can be to get lost in the game’s fantastic base-building mechanics or its wonderfully well-realized open world, players could be forgiven for forgetting that Enshrouded also features a fully fleshed-out main story, as well as a ridiculous amount of side quests to help keep players busy. This section of our Enshrouded guide hub is where players can find additional information about the main story, as well as guides for some of the game’s more challenging and confusing side quests.