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Started Enshrouded but stuck at the class selection screen? Read our Enshrouded class tier list and use it alongside your character creation. With 12 classes to choose from in the survival game, it’s easy to feel stumped when you’re new!

Enshrouded is an open-world survival game that blends fantasy RPG with Valheim. Your kingdom is now covered in an ominous mist, and it’s your job to fix it. Collect resources to craft a base and deck your character out with crafted armour and weapons. Select a class and grow your skill trees, allowing you to create unique builds that work for you. You can enjoy the experience solo or head into a co-op game with up to 16 people!

To learn more about Enshrouded, visit the game’s official website. While it’s not as high-stakes as Enshrouded, have a nosey at our Palworld Flying Mount tier list that ranks all flying Pals in the survival game.

Enshrouded Class Tier List

You’re a Flameborne, but what class do you play? Well, take a look at the rankings below to determine which is best for you. If you want a strong class that deals high damage and works great in battle, I suggest sticking to the A-tier and S-tier classes. If you’re not bothered about that, then try out a B-tier!

S Tier

The strongest classes in Enshrouded right now. If you want to play the ‘meta’ class, focus on these!

A Tier

Second-best classes in Enshrouded and still worth giving a go! While they not be the ‘meta’ when it comes to their overall strength in battle, they’re brilliant classes to try out.

B Tier

Not exactly strong or weak. No harm in trying them out but don’t expect much from them.

  • Ranger
  • Healer
  • Athlete
  • Survivor

C Tier

These classes are pretty bad – you might struggle in combat.

D Tier

Pointless classes.