Endless Night – Remake of The Last Sky Announced

An Odyssey through Dreams, where the subconscious becomes conscious.

Endless Night: Jake's Odyssey

Canadian indie game developer based in Toronto, Little Guy Games, has announced, through a teaser trailer shared on the game’s X account, Endless Night: Jake’s Odyssey, an atmospheric and evocative adventure game focused on dreams and overcoming hardships.

Founded in 2009 in the heart of Toronto, Little Guy Games is a small studio of passionate industry experts, highly prolific in the independent video game industry in recent years. They have collaborated with various partners and publishers on a wide range of projects, ranging from mobile titles to console video games, and have even dabbled in projects for Google Glass and Brain-Computer-Interface devices. Their philosophy is to create games that have the power to transform, illuminate previously unconscious corners of the human mind, and challenge preconceived notions of what a game can be.

Among their projects (currently totaling 5 published by the studio) is the particularly notable The Awakening, an immersive sci-fi audio interactive experience that, through neurofeedback techniques and Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology, allows players to interact with the minds of the two protagonists, Alice and Bjórn, in a melancholic story (for more information, we provide the link to the project). And let’s not forget their latest project, The Last Sky, a contemplative puzzle adventure released on June 26, 2020, for PC via Steam.

Endless Night: Jake's Odyssey
A screenshot from The Last Sky

Before we proceed, allow us to pause for a moment sulla questione The Last Sky. Were we the only ones to notice a striking similarity between the two projects? Did you spot it too? Well, if your answer is yes, it’s certainly not mere chance. According to insights shared by the team at Little Guy Games, Endless Night: Jake’s Odyssey will be the remake, or as we like to call it, a sort of spiritual successor to The Last Sky. However, despite the obvious similarities between the two titles in artistic direction and gameplay formula, Endless Night’s narrative appears to chart its own course distinct from its predecessor, indicating that the two projects may not be as similar as one might presume.

In Endless Night: Jake’s Odyssey, we embark on a journey alongside Jake, a character grappling with past trauma. Our goal? To guide Jake through his emotional and psychological challenges, uncovering the truth behind his past, and ultimately finding redemption and healing.

The game explores the profound effects of trauma on the human psyche, delving into Jake’s past experiences and the emotional scars they’ve left behind. As players guide Jake through his subconscious mind, they’ll confront the challenges of healing and self-discovery, navigating a journey fraught with obstacles and revelations.

Through engaging gameplay and immersive storytelling, Endless Night invites players to explore the complexities of trauma, the power of healing, and the transformative journey toward self-discovery. Players will navigate Jake’s dreams through four distinct dream worlds: Darkness, War, Childhood, and Transcendence – each offering a plethora of unique and memorable moments, deep NPC interactions, fierce and scary battles, boss battles, and moments of awe and wonder.

Following the completion of the first two dream worlds, an engaging multiplayer mode opens up in the Shaman HUB, but it’s not your typical multiplayer battle against another human opponent. It’s a battle against your own shadow.

Unlike The Last Sky, Little Guy Games’ upcoming video game appears even more ambitious, expansive, and complex in both gameplay mechanics and storytelling, while still seemingly maintaining a close connection with the original work. However, do not make the mistake of assuming that this new production is a standalone piece, completely disconnected from The Last Sky. For example, the inclusion of the “War” dream world could be interpreted as a tribute to the original story of The Last Sky—a tale based on the poignant story of a war veteran.

Indeed, this is purely conjecture on our part, but we anticipate that, despite differences in themes, narrative, and underlying concept between the two productions, developers will inevitably include references to the original work, perhaps through simple cameos and Easter eggs, or even by employing more charming and original stratagems.

As revealed by the developers, Endless Night: Jake’s Odyssey is planned to be released in Q4 2024 on Xbox. It remains to be clarified which platforms will be officially supported and whether, above all, the game will be a full-fledged exclusive or if it will be available on other platforms in the future.

For now, all we can do is wait. For further updates on Endless Night: Jake’s Odyssey, keep following us and don’t forget to visit the Little Guy Games website for all the latest information.

Below, we provide the link to the teaser trailer shared by the developers on X. Enjoy!

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