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Can’t find an Endless Grades tier list? Scroll on to find our rankings, where we’ve listed every obtainable character from S-tier to D-tier.

By the title of the game, you’ve probably guessed that Endless Grades Pixel Saga is indeed a pixel RPG. Form a team of summoned knights as you dare to approach powerful bosses across the expansive nine realms. Unwind in a tavern while you listen to your companion’s tales before heading out to explore a variety of terrains, where you’ll meet fantastical creatures – but are they friend or foe?

For more information about Endless Grades Pixel Saga, you can visit the game’s official Google Play page. We have an Endless Grades Pixel Saga codes guide too for a bunch of freebies. Check out our Atelier Resleriana Memoria tier list too!

Endless Grades Tier List

If you’re familiar with gacha games, you’ll know how daunting they are when it comes to the abundance of characters – and Endless Grades is no different. There are quite a lot of characters to obtain, so it can be tough to know which ones are actually worth using. That’s where this tier list comes in!

By recommendation, I’d suggest keeping your eye out for A-tier and S-tier characters… and the occasional B-tier depending on the situation.

S Tier

The best units in Endless Grades – try to obtain them as best as you can! They’re the strongest when it comes to stats and can unleash insane abilities in battle.

  • Bloodthirsty Count
  • Bone Reaper
  • Ventriloquist
  • Dreamweaver
  • Caos Guitarist
  • Frost Queen
  • Elven Queen
  • Reaper’s Embrace
  • Ripper Dancer
  • Night Walker
  • Frost Wolf
  • Thorn Queen
  • Huntress Goddess
  • Dream Patiner
  • Succubus
  • Frost Witch
  • Wild Lord
  • 7-Seas Conqueror

A Tier

If you don’t have any of the units in S-tier, then you should focus on upgrading your A-tier characters.

  • Phoenix Knight
  • Radiant Guardian
  • Sword’s Oath
  • Fiery Angel
  • Shadow Blade
  • Sommelier
  • Midgard Serpent
  • Clear Heart
  • Fire Magician
  • Sandstorm Enforce
  • Skyweaver
  • Stoneheart
  • The Adventurer
  • Shadow Sentinel
  • Fiery Dancer
  • Demon Wolf
  • Rose Hammer
  • Verdant Waraxe
  • Moon Shadow
  • Wave Slayer
  • Windwing Blade
  • Perfumer
  • Glow Priest

B Tier

B-tier units are worth keeping around in your arsenal, but it’s best not to rely on them.

  • Phonologist
  • Fate Prophet
  • Shepherd
  • Tideweaver
  • Daybreaker
  • Triumphal Spear
  • Sacred Utterance
  • Lady Elegance
  • Windblade
  • Lady
  • Tide Envoy
  • Surge Sword
  • Jungle Hunter
  • Blazeclench
  • Commander
  • Nonstop Fighter
  • Outsider
  • Budoka
  • Wind Drifter
  • Verdant Elf
  • Illusion Magician
  • Aquasylph
  • Swift Archer
  • Cunning Twinblade
  • Predator

C Tier

Weak units that should be benched once you get further into the game.

  • Faceless
  • Fearless Fist
  • Flame Magus
  • Radiant Blade
  • Annie
  • Shadow Wolf
  • Shadow Assassin

D Tier

If a unit is in this tier then… yikes.

  • The Tracker
  • Fury Axe
  • Sharp Axe
  • Sands Apostle
  • Peace Keeper
  • Tide Maiden
  • Solar Blade
  • Inferno Gunblazer