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Need an Elemental Dungeons tier list to truly determine the top dog? Or top element in this case… Regardless, we have it here! Our tier list was crafted from user experience, research, and community feedback to ensure that we know what is truly the best.

Elemental Dungeons is an action-packed adventure game that revolves around battling against bosses, exploring dungeons filled to the brim with enemies, and a wide range of elemental abilities to wield in combat. Work through a variety of quests to earn Gems, which can then be used to roll for brand-new magical powers!

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Elemental Dungeons Tier List

good, good, bad, good, bad.

How We Rank Our Tiers

  • S-Tier: Simply the best! Can’t go wrong with these elements.
  • A-Tier: Don’t sleep on them because they’re not S-Tier. These elements are awesome!
  • B-Tier: Our average, they’re not too shabby!
  • C-Tier: In a pinch, these are decent elements to have!
  • D-Tier: We aren’t a fan of these…


  • Reaper – With the transformation, ability to spawn stuff, and range from close to far it’s a no-brainer!
  • Angel – Such a good element for one of Epic rarity. High damage, high defence, high all around! Insane element to have
  • Krampus – Mythical element from the seasonal event. Strong when versus Air and Nature.
  • Kitsune – Mythical element which hosts three major strengths against Earth, Water and Nature


  • Dragon – It’s legendary so it is brilliant, but not worthy of the S-tier
  • Ice – Great damage-wise for all players, especially when you unlock the Shuriken move
  • Galaxy – Also does incredible damage
  • Lightning – Another hard hitter with great raw damage
  • Phantom – Limited-time element from the Halloween event. It’s strong and great flexing rights


  • Fire – Great damage for early game
  • Water – Also good damage for early game


  • Earth – The Jungle boss uses it at least! Another good starter Element


  • Wind – Decent for beginners, not long term

Have Your Own Thoughts?

Hey, our tiers are subjective! The elements we personally think are awesome you may think are awful. What works for us in the game may not work for you, however, we do hope that this tier list was helpful!