January 30, 2023

Invasion PvP in Elden Ring is one-sided by design, with practically every event pitting a single pink phantom invader in opposition to on the very least two totally different avid gamers: one host and on the very least one summoned yellow phantom cooperator. Due to a password matching system, it’s potential for a quantity to summon any individual rather a lot elevated stage than they’re, so to even the probabilities, yellow phantoms have their damage and defenses downscaled. Apparently, if an invader makes use of the Phantom Finger merchandise to reposition in an invasion, that downscaling disappears solely.

YouTube particular person M made a video testing the issue, invading one different tester’s world as a stage 25 character. To maximise the implications, the yellow phantom summoned was stage 621, with 99 in every stat other than Arcane. The phantom, named baba, used three weapons to hit M with an everyday R1 assault: an everyday Greatsword, a Chilly Greatsword, and a Broadsword. The outcomes sooner than using the Phantom Finger had been as follows:

  • Downscaled Greatsword damage: 330
  • Downscaled Chilly Greatsword damage: 332
  • Downscaled Broadsword damage: 190

M then used the Phantom Finger and reran the checks. The outcomes had been placing:

  • Unscaled Greatsword damage: 932
  • Unscaled Chilly Greatsword damage: 940
  • Unscaled Broadsword damage: 592

That’s an increase of 280% for the Greatswords and 310% for the Broadsword. It’s unclear exactly why this distinction exists, nevertheless Peeve, a veteran Soulsborne PvP streamer, posited that it’s prone to be on account of using the Phantom Finger removes all buffs, and invading — fairly than lowering summoned phantom stats — applies a buff to the invader lowering cooperator damage. If the downscaling is a straightforward buff to invader defenses, it’s eradicated as soon as they use the Finger.

It’s a thought which can preserve weight, as M’s checks current that damage by invaders to high-level phantoms is unchanged when following the Finger’s use. In several phrases, their defenses mustn’t downscaled as avid gamers initially thought. It stays to be seen if FromSoftware will deal with this problem, but it surely absolutely’s been spherical since Elden Ring’s launch, so probably not. They’ve patched the game to stability the game independently between PvP and PvE, so there might however be hope.

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